Can Goku Destroy A Galaxy?

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This makes no sense to you because you do not understand dbz, let me educate you a little.

you dumb fantard you clear dont know any thing a bout dbz

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Cut it with the insults, gokuboss. I'm giving you a warning. Next insult you make, you're getting a cooloff ban.

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this is you should watch it and goku vs superman is in it

just a side note

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Lol Goku is trillions of times the speed of light?

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@gokuboss said:

@Killer_of_trolls said:

This feat will never be written considerring The entiarity of the "physical" universe in DBZ is only 4 galaxies.

  1. According to the best estimates of astronomers there are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe. They've counted the galaxies in a particular region, and multiplied this up to estimate the number for the whole universe.
  2. How do we know how many galaxies are in our universe ...

in battle of gods there are 12 universes

1- You are using real life astronimy? in DBZ? Even though it has been constantly referred in the manga that the DBZ main universe... who doesn't know that?! did you even watch or read DBZ? Real life astronomers study real life space, not fictional texts. and you have the nerve to insult me in another post and call me a "retard", funny. flagged btw, troll.

2- My earlier post was written before battle of the gods came out outside japanese theaters(read teh comment date, troll.. there wasn't even an online copy, and I'm not gonna buy a plane ticket to Japan to see a movie in cenima.

Here is SOME pictures of the entire main DBZ universe:


Even the earth's geography isn't the same in DBZ's main universe. AGAIN, DIE, TROLL!

not to mention the fact that you u try hopelessly to refute a fictional fact in a text by using real life science. You do the same thing by pointing another fictional fact about the 12 unis. Do all astronomers agree there are 12 unis too. *waiting for you to post a link explaining multiversal theory so I can facepalm*

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There's no need to attack him back. He has warned and banned once for not listening to the mods due to his insults and spamming the forums with unnecessary DBZ threads.

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