Can Goku Destroy A Galaxy?

Topic started by hiei_hyabusha on Jan. 5, 2011. Last post by flashback180 1 week ago.
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@flashback180: That is a chain reaction, not outright universe-busting.

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@taichokage said:

I disagree with my younger self, but do still see it being possible if DBZ continues down the canon movie path.

i agree with your younger self :)

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I think Goku can, he is much stronger now than he was when he fought Cell, and Cell had enough energy to blow up the whole Solar system. Kid buu vanishing ball had the energy to blow up the Solar system+, and in BOG Goku is significantly stronger now. So I would say yes Goku could destroy a galaxy. But depends on your point of view of course.

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Beerus and Whis most likely are. Till Goku can beat one of them I still don't believe he is yet. That's how DBZ works.

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@ariesxmasters: Nein. Cell never had the feats to blow up a Solar System. He was just making a statement that he had enough energy to blow it up. Which he had never shown nor the capability to do so.

I can see Beerus and Whis being Solar System if they go all-out though.

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Hmmm, yes, I see your point of view.

When it comes to Dbz I kind of have to go off characters statements. Using feats when trying to comprehend Dbz in any form is just setting them up for failure, since there feats are pretty tame so that the story flows well, and makes sense. Character statements are put in place so that the watcher knows what "so and so is capable of", obviously Akira is not going to have Cell actually succeed in blowing up the whole Solar system, or Kid buu use that vanishing ball he created to blow up 10 planets, the story would fall apart if they actually succeeded. So instead he used his characters as a mouth piece to convey the message that they have the capability to do so. As much as people hate or disagree with power scaling, sorry it is pretty apparent at this point that Akira Toriyama kind of intended that to be the way to measure Dbz characters, you don't have to agree with it, or like it, which is why on some forums Dbz is banned on many forum because the way everything is measure it so different from standard Comic book and Anime characters.

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@EvilMegaCookie: so, it destroys when the energy spreads towards it. Why does that change anything ? none the less he is potentially a universe buster & more. The minus energy spreads constantly. It's got nothing to do with his own power. It's a ability.

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