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Hello, folks!  My name is Joe.  It's nice to meet you!  This is a fantastic Web site.  But, as in all human endeavor, there exist a few small (shall we say) deficiencies here which I will attempt to resolve for the better.  Mind, I'm rife with deficiencies myself -- just like everybody else.

Let's see:  most of my personal tastes are mentioned on my Profile page, so I needn't go into all that.  Since I'm retired on a disability pension, most of my time is spent hanging around the apartment reading books and playing with the Internet.  I keep two cats, Blue and Tonya, who are my live-in therapists.

Ever since El-Hazard:  The Magnificent World hit the streets, Ifurita had been our domestic or household deity or god.  Nearly two years ago, however, "Iffy" asked for an indefinite sabbatical so she could undergo regenerative hibernation.  We hope she's having pleasant dreams!  Ifurita's recommendation to us, which we heartily embraced, was that we ask Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann to fill her soon-to-be-vacant position.  We asked and Yoko said "Yes, it would be an honor!"

The honor, of course, is ours insofar as Yoko's been here at our home -- in spirit, as a metaphor and muse -- for 18 months now.  See, I'm one of those people who believes in the imagination.  Hence I'm not a "canon fascist" who can't see beyond the confines of plots, scenarios and themes imposed upon worthy characters in anime and manga (and games too).  Fascinating characters, such as Ifurita and Yoko, interest me far more than franchises or series.

So ... there!
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Welcome to Anime Vice, Joe. I hope you enjoy your stay.
When there are deficiencies, feel free to correct them. After all, the site depends on people like us to make sure it's the best it can be. :)
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Welcome to site and try to have some fun here! ^_^
It's nice to find another fan of Yoko. =D
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Welcome to the Vice!

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Thank you very much LordAndrew, Void_Wizard and Okazukilchigo, for your kind greetings!  It's nice to meet you.  (Indeed, Void_Wizard, I couldn't agree more:  I'm happy to meet another person who appreciates Yoko Ritona.)
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Welcome to the party! Finally! Someone who's as passionate about something as I am about Gundam!

Gotta say, very nice exposition on Yoko's true niche in Gurren Lagann. I have to say I agree, and it bugs me when people say she was there as nothing more than fan service (though she did deliver that as well).
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Welcome to Animevice man! :D Hope you have a blast! ^.^
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Thanks a lot, HeeroYuy and Amuck, for welcoming me!  It's good to meet you.  HeeroYuy, your compliment on my assertions regarding Yoko Ritona is an oasis of perception in a Web-wide desert of stultifying obtuseness.  Thank you!
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Welcome Joe
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Thank you, Nerx!  *waves*  It's interesting, so far.
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I'll throw in my Welcome hat as well!XD
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Hope you enjoy it here.
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