Bravo Whiskey Cast 01:

Topic started by CrazyCanuck on Jan. 22, 2013. Last post by damswedon 2 years ago.
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HI there!

I'm not sure how many people knew or listened to the Alpha Victor Cast with (kurt), and myself but all good thing must come to an end, however from the asses came the Bravo Whiskey Cast and this is our first episode.

and the rrs feed can be found here.

So it's Firehawk12, kurt and me back again. if you have any thoughts or questions on the episode post them here or email

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Seems weird you guys would use Whiskey in the new name when Whiskey Media isn't a thing any more, why did you have to change the name anyway?

Anyway, listened to a bit of this last night... someone should tell Kurt he only needs to buy the GBA and DS Pokémon games, both because they include remakes of the original Game Boy games and because you can actually transfer Pokémon from the GBA games to the DS games and actually catch 'em all. Well, except any Pokémon that were only available from special events which have long since ended...

I need to go and finish watching The Fucking Gun Show. I've watched like... 3 episodes or something.

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since doc was the owner of the old feed it was just better to make a new one and the whiskey thing was not intentional.

Post by Daniel_Newton (3,321 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@CrazyCanuck: Ahh, that makes sense, thanks.

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Yeah, the AlphaVictor thing was fun, but I just had less and less time for it and trouble spreading the word around to people. In the end I just put up the last episode and told the others to do a spinoff podcast to keep it going because if they just relied on me to update the thing it would take way too long.

Everyone: listen to it. It's got my seal of approval. Maybe I'll appear as a guest in a future episode if they allow it but for now other things have priority.

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@Daniel_Newton: You've now given 100% more thought to the name than we did. As for the pokemon stuff, I think the only other game I really need to get is Emerald, and that is only if I really want to go down the dark hole of using Gameshark codes to get the promotional items. I's probably going to get Pearl anyway, that way I can slap it in Pokemon Dream Radar and get a spare Palkia to mess about with.

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