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Topic started by Toxin45 on Sept. 10, 2012. Last post by taichokage 2 years, 6 months ago.
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Say people the bleach anime was cancenled up to 366 episodes sad but the magna is still ongoing and we have the ongoing final arc: The Thousand Year War and I have to say it is getting good with major characers dying.Also getting back the arrancars too and I can't wait to see Grimmjow Again.Maybe if this arc is popular a second anime would appear.what do you say?
 What to see this arc animated?
 What to see this arc animated?
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Not impossible but I don't think it's likely. Bleach's popularity in Japan has fallen off tremendously and the anime was canceled because the ratings were terrible. I feel like when a show is canceled because the ratings are really bad, it's probably not coming back.

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It might. It's rare for an anime to go as far as Bleach did and not be completed. And ironically, this arc has been better than the two preceeding ones, the arrancar and fullbring arcs (the latter one by quite a bit).
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In all honesty, I just want this manga to end already.

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Not before seeing the important characters reveal their best abilities. Almost half the bankai still haven't been shown despite 2 recently showing up from squad 1. Apparently the top characters haven't even been shown yet. No 0 squad or Royalty yet.
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