Bleach Manga #495 - Lamers Gonna Lame

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With GodLen gone, the amount of Naruto and Bleach manga coverage has dropped to an all-time low so I figured I'd step up and start covering these on a weekly basis. My layout will be pretty similar to GodLen's but my personal tastes should lend some difference, mainly in snark and fanboyism. I make no pretense about objectivity with these. I like what I like and after a month or so it should be apparent as to what I like and dislike about these manga. So, let's kick off the inaugural post.

Bleach #495 - Bleeding Guitar Blues

In a Nutshell

The shinigami begin their fights against the Arran... I mean Espa... I mean Fullbr... I mean weird German word bad guy Quincies.

High Points

  • The guy in the picture above looks pretty cool.
  • Rose has a conversation that's laughably bad.

Low Points

  • Rose has a conversation that's laughably bad.

Rants and Raves

We've seen this all before. Random bad guys show up, cannon fodder enemies are cannon fodder, lots of smack talk. Nothing about this was particularly interesting to me. I love Bleach in anime form but as a manga I only enjoyed it as a spoiler. Now with the anime gone, I think I'm reading this only because I've read Bleach every Wednesday for the past few years and it would feel odd not to read it. Chapters like this remind me of how crazy I am for not dropping the series when the anime ended.


I give this chapter a C-.

It wasn't rancid enough to be an F and some decent imagery, along with a title stupid enough to make me smile, saved this from being a D, but I don't feel it deserves a score that could be interpreted as good or even neutral.

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It might not be a great plot, but I have to say that the pace is incredibly fast. But it's a lot more interesting if you know some of Kubo's future plot which was revealed.
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This was a boring chapter, hope next weeks will be more action

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Say what you will, this chapter got me excited for two main reasons.

1) Ukitake and Shunsui are serious at the start of the fight. When either of them drop their carefree attitudes, I get high expectations for amazing fights.

2) The luchador Quincy

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@Emeryl: That Luchador Quincy wins a double award for Best/Worst Thing Ever. We'll see how serious the captains are. No bankai = they're slacking or don't feel the opponent is worth the effort.

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I gotta get back on Bleach... am like 50 chapters behind... XD

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I'm behind in Bleach, too. I feel like skipping the FullBring arc. Awesome blog, sickVisionz! I wish I can comment on Naruto, but I like to keep the manga and anime side by side.

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You know this should've been before the Aizen arc as Kubo is clearly trolling. He brings up the quincies once in the entire series and decides now that it was the right time to make an arc on them? 
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@TheNobody: He's not trolling too hard. With the death of one character, the Quincy have done more damage than every other canon threat to Soul Society combined. I don't like most folk in Bleach so I wouldn't mind seeing more people bite the dust or get trolled, especially Ice Boy.

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It still amazes me that the Fullbring arc even existed. It went nowhere pretty fast and most if not all attempts for Kubo to connect it later in the series will seem forced.

I am glad he finally decided to explore the Quincy. Now let's see how he justifies their ascension from weaker than Shinigami to overbearing power.

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That one Quincy reminds me of Karasu of Yu Yu Hakusho. Aizen's Arrancars never invaded Soul Society and dish major damage. I would love to see Ulquiorra and his gang wreaking havoc in Soul Society. Oh well, that arc is over.

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