Best anime battle

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i searched for this in the search function and nothing came up, so i suppose i'll ask it now, what is your favorite anime battle? 
mine is probably itachi vs Sasuke 
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I have a few favorites.
Kenichi vs odin
monk anji vs sanosuke
angemon vs devimon
omnimon vs diaboromon
goku vs frieza
Yusuke vs toguro
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Six tailed Naruto vs Pain
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Naruto vs Pein 
Alucard vs Anderson (FINAL BATTLE)
Izaya vs Shizuo (FINAL BATTLE)
King Bradley's return
Sasuke vs Killer Bee
Sasuke vs Danzo
Sasuke vs Itachi
Jiraya vs Pein
Alucard vs anybody
Ichigo vs Byakuya
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WRONG! the best anime fight ever is Anti-spiral VS all the lagans.(the final fight in Gurren Lagan)
I was gonna put the video but  I found 2 defferent endings of the same fight. did they rewrite the scenes to cut out the nude titties, that's stupid.
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