Best Anime-Based Video Games?

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Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about the best anime-based video games, whether it be because of fun gameplay or interesting story. I know that there have been video games based on Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto, but I don't think that I have come across too many others over the years, although it's granted that I may not have realized some games were anime-based. Just curious. Thanks in advance.

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My favorite is the Naruto games on the Gamecube and Wii. I haven't played many anime games though. I've heard that there is an iDOLM@STER game (not the gravure series) that's like a business sim. That would probably be my favorite if I ever had a chance to play it in a language I could understand.

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@htr10: Well, I will admit that I have not played hardly any anime-based video games in my life to this day, but there is that one One Piece game (One Piece: Pirate Warriors) that came out in Japan back on March 2nd that is supposed to be all kinds of awesome. Below are some of the images for the game:

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Super Robot Wars
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I'm not sure since I don't play games based on anime. The only one I have is Afro Samurai and I have fun playing it.

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Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3 is a strategy RPG that is well above average. The story is pretty good but what sells it is the challenging but still entertaining gameplay. Like Persona 4, this one was a game before an anime, I think but it's definitely worth a look-see. There were two sequels on the PSP but I'm not very familiar with either.

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Endless Waltz

*puts on retro shades*

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@PenguinDust: Actually there is anime adaptation of VC3, but it's only a 2-part OVA. One part of which was released months ago. I wrote a blog for it on GB, can't remember if I pasted it here.

My impression was that VC1 was kind of an alternate WWI where the not-Nazis were encroaching on not-Belgium and not-Belgium fought back. VC2 was "Anime High School (also there's a civil war)" and VC3 was like fanfiction of the "super-secret penal legion" that was never mentioned in VC1 until now. Ah, I'm ranting again.

On-topic, I guess you could argue Devil May Cry, but the anime came out around the time of the 4th game and it was terrible and a reminder of why no one who plays DMC takes the story that seriously.

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So true about DMC. I really need to get me a Playstation and a copy of that.

Other than that I ME YES ME I want to say that I loved pretty much all of the older games based on Anime and it's what I grew up playing. As I don't know their names I'm going to give vague descriptions in the hope that you know the ones I mean.

Mostly the DBZ games, from the ones on SNES ( I think there were 3 ) where you could fly and have multi tiered Energy Blast Button Bash Battles, which was awesome and also I think the third one included a form of grappling where you could smash people through rocks and the floor and various other bits of scenery as in the show. Then there was the GBA one with Goku's amazing half circle half circle forward finishing maneovuer (in the game, you could perform a special last ditch attack with the characters when you had low health) which was a goku combo, IT Kamehameha and then a Spirit Bomb. Magic. I didn't really think the GBA Naruto games were much cop, not horrible or not worth playing but the fighting was never challenging. There was also the japanese only import DBZ RPG that started at the beginning of the Frieza saga, the battle system was sort of cross of a TCG and FF, hard to understand but it was an amazing game. Also the other DBZ GBA titles, the top down RPGs, were all really good. Repetitive and a little simple for sure but in no way not worth playing.

So thats the older ones, Clash of Ninja on GC is so unbelievably fantastically amazingly pant wettingly spectash that I am actually considering going to donate blood today to be able to get myself a copy off of ebay. I'm not actually sure I like any of the Naruto RPGs but hey, a lot of younger people do and I don't hate.

Endless Waltz ( a gundam game for SNES if you don't have the rom, you do need it) and the Gundam Dynasty game are both cool, thats prolly jsut cos I freak out for giant robot fighting and (excluding Phantom Crash, but this is not a games forum) most of the *cough* rip offs *cough* aren't that great to me.

There iissssss a series of Persona Games on the PS2, I think, haven't ever played them but they look pretty good to me.

Bleach, Bleach .. Bleach blech blech bleh, the Wii game was shocking, so simple, I still completed it so I could see how they did all of the unknown releases at the time but it was a shocker of a design. I think the only challenge was unlocking Tousen using Hanataro. The GBA games are all diabolical, the card fighting game thing I could never really understand. There's also the 4 player one that I've seen videos of but never owned, that looked cool. Haven't tried the MMO yet :-O

Soul Eater games, of which I hear there are 3 I haven't played, I don't feel desperately enamoured since watching videos or reading reviews.

^-^ If there was one Game that I think is amazing and should have been based off of an anime, its Advance Wars. The characters are proper bo' like.


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Dragon ball Z Budokai 3 was the last good DBZ game.
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