Barnes & Noble Stock Drop After Nook Profit Warning

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Barnes & Noble's stocks dropped 7.3% on Thursday after the company warned of bad news regarding its Nook e-book reader. The bookstore chain expects that the tablet's revenues for the fiscal year that ends in April will fall below US$3 billion, and the cash flow loss will be “greater than it was in fiscal 2012.” Barnes & Noble stated in January that it expected Nook revenue to exceed US$3 billion during the current fiscal year.

This is the third fiscal year where Barnes & Noble came in under its expectations, according to Maxim Group Analyst John Tinker. The NOOK business “is proving to be expensive — and with slowing revenues makes spinning it off to tech investors harder,” he said. “At some point the company has to quantify the amount it is prepared to lose.”

The company began closing physical stores across the United States during and after a low holiday 2012 sales season. Nook segment sales also fell 12.6% during the same period.

From Anime News Network.

Note: Even though it's not anime and manga related, I put ANN's article up because we fans buy anime/manga merchandise from stores. Not much back then because of the internet and illegal scanlations. Plus, it reminds me of Borders' bankruptcy event back in 2011.

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I hope they don't go out of business, I won't anywhere to buy my Manga

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I hope it does not close. I really liked the smell of coffee and books that B&N stores had.

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I bought a lot of books from there ever since Borders closed down. It's the last bookstore in my hometown. I can't depend on the public libraries to get new books because they're usually behind.

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I really hope they don't shut down. This will be one of several businesses that I like that are going out of business.

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