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I have been reading both these series and they both seem to have pretty epic power ups, epic depending on the character. The question though is which is the more powerful power up/weapon/technique, whatever you choose to call it.

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I'm not up to date with the manga yet, so I dont quite know how powerful the characters of magi are, but I think the series will have to progress more before we can make a fair comparison. I know that the top tiers of magi are >>>> anything bleach has, but they are typically not djinn equip users.

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The strongest bankai so far are stronger than the strongest djinn equips I've seen. Although I haven't read the more recent chapters of Magi. Maybe it's changed in that very short while.
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I haven't read past the manga for either Bleach or Magi, but I think you're right with that assumption. I read up on Sinbad and Kouen Ren's powers and matched it with Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai's Bankai at the wiki. Without spoilers, I can say that Genryusai's powers is still in another league of its own. Sinbad and Kouen's powers are more elemental while Genryusai deals with more than fire power.

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