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Warning: this may get a little mushy or sentimental.
I took a walk today, and on my way back I walked by the park, which is right across the street from where I live...and I saw something really amazing. It was a two-legged dog. He only had rear legs, no front.  He had his front paws, somehow, attached to him kind of like a raptor or a T-Rex's little things, almost worthless except to propel him up into a two-legged standing position, I'd imagine. And he could walk only on his hind legs remarkably well. 
But I think the really amazing thing was just that the dog seemed so perfectly happy and friendly. I thought to call animal services, thinking he was a stray, but as I was calling them I learned that he has owners who live right on the other side of the park, who clearly are taking decent care of him (not including the lack of collar and lack of supervision-- ALWAYS collar your animals outside, kids, or you may never know what happens to them if they disappear).
Now, sure, I've heard of two-legged dogs before, seen 'em on YouTube and the news and all the rest, but it was really quite different from seeing one in person like that.
I dunno. Seeing a dog like that so happy, it makes fussing around over little things just seems so stupid, don't you think?
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It does indeed, that was a nice blog. This is why, if and when I get a dog, I'll go for the less stand-out dogs.
Just because they're not perfect, doesn't mean they're any different inside.
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