Any Fairy Tail fans out there?

Topic started by John_Martone on Jan. 14, 2010. Last post by Addfwyn 5 years, 2 months ago.
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 Nom nom nom, fire tasty!
 Nom nom nom, fire tasty!

Just curious. The franchise and characters are a little weak and I was curious if anyone else who dug the series wanted to go update it some with me.
I've done an overhaul on Natsu's page already, and I'll probably move onto like, Happy while I'm on today. If anyone has anything they'd really like to edit, just let me know and I'll steer around that area.
Or just look for pictures... ooo, I love adding pictures.
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I dig it. I'lI lay claim to the Erza page. Granted I'll have to do some more manga reading to know more about her character and attacks since she's not been a huge player yet in the anime series.
Edit N/M: Someone's already got more than enough basic info on her. I'll go poke around some of the other character pages and see what I can add.
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I am a fan of Mashima's works , I am hoping to do a page of Plue sometime soon
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I'm not a fan, but I've enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. 
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@Black_Rose said:
" I'm not a fan, but I've enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  "
Wouldn't that make you a fan now?
Aww, I was hoping someone could do Plue justice. 
I'm gonna grab some photos for Erza and then move onto Happy. 

Pages that need to be added
Actually, like, anyone who is outside the main core of the current anime.
Oh man, I could easily sink days into updating fairy tail alone.
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I need to catch up on the anime @_@
...AND/OR the manga...
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i can help you with that
but Erza is mine to update  ok
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Status Update

Okay, so I've started a good chunk on Natsu, Happy, and I created/went wild on a page for Gajeel (greatest character ever)
I know I put almost no development into Natsu, and I got tired on Gajeel, so both of those could easily use some more hands.
Lan did a good job setting up Lucy, and Obsidian609 has been pimping out Erza


I think my goal for the rest of the day is to start adding database entries for a number of things. If you don't see the character/concept up there, feel free to poke us and we'll get it up.
Good job everyone!
I think you and everyone else would love to get in on Erza, she's definitely a favorite. I'd just check each page and see what you can contribute. Images, for instance, we'll never, ever, ever in my opinion have enough.
Oh, and I'll try to be good and remember to put those shots back in the actual fairy tail main page eventually.
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I may do some work on it tomorrow, after I catch up on the latest episode at least.  One of the very very few anime I'm falling these days. 
Any other spots still weak, or should I just poke about and see where it is lacking?
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Saaaalamander Roaaaaar!!!!!!! 
I love Fairy Tail, I re-readed it for 4 or 5 time
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@Addfwyn: I'm sure there's plenty of spots to poke around on. Scratch that, I know there is. In particular I'm trying to see if I can't get the database up more with the manga, that way the resources are available to anime watchers as they find the characters/concepts.
So, in answer to your question, if you're up on the anime, maybe some descriptions on the episodes? I tried on one or two of them, but I got really afraid that I was misplacing when the plot hits.
I think I'm gonna start today on some of the more obscure members, like Mistgun and Laxus.
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I can do that, I'll probably rewatch the episodes before I do the writeup.  I'll have to doublecheck the romanizations too, since I watch them raw, but most of the names don't really leave much room for differences there.
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