Anxiety is no fun...

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Hey, besides my obsession with writing fanfics and Ranma 1/2, I also like sharing things about my life IRL. I don't like getting too personal of course lol but I am not afraid to admitt that there are certain things about me that aren't that cool... one of the major problems I carry is a bad case of Anxiety and panic. It's so bad sometimes that I can't even talk on a phone when it wrings. I feel these weird sensations in my heart, chest, and throat, and it makes me afraid to engage in any social atmosphere.

I spend a lot of time by myself... I'm not exactly a loner, because I do things social as well like Uni and I take Mandarin Chinese classes every wednesday night. But I'm lonely like a Ninja. Almost invisible... well that's how I feel sometimes. I'm not sure if anyone has experienced a bad case of Anxiety the way I am explaining it, but if so, please write me. ^^

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Just posting to unlock it from the forums.
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