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   trope  |trōp| noun 
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So I just finished watching Gantz and I have to say it has one of big tropes that piss me off about anime. (Or films in general sometimes) Besides the usual schtick of having everyone blab on and on and have messed up lives, it has a major problem with guns.  Which is funny considering the violence inherent in the series.  
Now I'll start off by saying I KNOW the Japanese, and several other countries around the globe have an inherent issue with guns.  These cultures just have a different view of guns in general than those of us from rural America.  I completely forgive some of the oddities I've noticed in gun use in anime; but one of the tropes that just bug the heck out of me, and it's not always guns but in Gantz it surely was, is the idea that folks won't pull the trigger even to save themselves, let alone those who are close to them. 
Again, I know the Japanese as a culture tend not to be very comfortable with guns, but every human being has a desire to save themselves in some way.  Most of us also would do quite a bit to save those close them.  That being said it is crazy to see groups of people, who are all armed, standing around watching one another get torn to pieces and do NOTHING.  In fact worse than that they point at each other to "do something."  Sure there's a bit of the whole "more people there are the less likely you are to get help" (see killings in crowded areas and those who just stand there watching.  Which Gantz DOES a great job of showing in the opening train station sequence.  Totally true!) but as personal attachments are formed and people obviously care for one another you STILL stand still?   
Finally I know that it is a "tension builder" and a good use of internal conflict to have people have issues with shooting people/things.  There are plenty of ways of showing this and doing it that doesn't require 15-20 minutes of screen time and sometimes story time! When I'm yelling at the screen to just "SHOOT THE BASTARD!" you've wasted way too much time.  Especially after you've already blown up a couple of guys or seen others blown up.  
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@Gozertc: have you ever shot someone? if yes, how do you feel afterwards?, and before?
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@Gozertc: Every Person has a different way of reacting to a situation. When I Was younger, My uncle Took me hunting with him for the very first time. I Can Attest that i wasn't able to take the shot. I felt Sick at the pit of my stomach and felt horrible at The thought of killing The poor deer that had done nothing to me. My Cousin (his First time as well) took His shotgun and blew it's brains out without the slightest sign of hesitation or remorse.  Now For Most people, Killing a deer and A Man are drastically different, But I think this example Helps me to illustrate my point. Even In A life or death situation, I feel that many people would freeze up in the same way that i did when i went hunting for the first time. (if it makes you feel better, In the later chapters of the manga Gantz there is absolutely no hesitation when killing aliens, humans or what ever else they are put up against.)
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@rein: and kurono became a bonafide expert at killing things, with or without gantz equipment
lamp gun
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Well I'm glad in the Manga things turned around, and I even admit in my blog post that he does get better later on.  I also fully admit that people DO react differently as you mentioned in your hunting example.   
Luckily I myself have never actually had to shoot anyone, I HAVE had to draw my weapon on them.  Scared the begeezus out of me.  Luckily for me (and them) the mere threat of violence was enough to diffuse the situation.   
Similarly my house was invaded while my wife and daughter were home alone sleeping.  Luckily my wife woke up in time and scared off the guy.  I came flying home with death in my eyes and fear in my heart.  We didn't know if the guy was still around, but we DID know he had gotten into the house, into MY room with my wife and daughter sleeping there.  Would I have defending my family with up to and including deadly force?  You bet your life I would.  No if's, and's, or but's about that.   
My point is, in this blog post, is not so much that people do freeze up.  I fully admit that.  What I am saying is that do we have to spend 20 minutes in show time if not real time agonizing about it?  All the while conveniently letting the bad guys wait for us to have our moral dilemma?  That is the biggest complaint I have as it is a poor use of the medium (anime vs. Manga) to take that kind of time doing essentially nothing.  In Manga and novels SURE, take all the time you need since much of it can be internal monologue and the like that in story time actually only takes seconds or maybe a handful of minutes.  In an anime when you show these internal dilemmas so blatantly and openly it's just poor storytelling.  My next blog post in this vein will deal with another poor storytelling technique, and that's "Exposition Boy!" 
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@Gozertc: Id do the same if someone broke into my house, bust out the SKS.
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@Gozertc: it's called  Anime time, 20 minutes RL of anime could mean like 5 seconds of RL time, and vice versa
errr where do you life? get something better than the SKS, the spare part market is getting smaller......
i have shot people before, if anything i felt indifferent , because i did what i have to do
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@cfatalis: well I also have a lil 22
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@cfatalis said:
" @Gozertc: it's called  Anime time, 20 minutes RL of anime could mean like 5 seconds of RL time, and vice versa 
Oh understandable, but again, it's not good filmaking.  That's my point.  Why waste 20 minutes on that struggle? 
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@Gozertc said:
" @cfatalis said:
" @Gozertc: it's called  Anime time, 20 minutes RL of anime could mean like 5 seconds of RL time, and vice versa 
Oh understandable, but again, it's not good filmaking.  That's my point.  Why waste 20 minutes on that struggle?  "
well dramatization
there are some people that is the total opposite of you
same thing like those people on the two side of avatar, do they hate it? do they love it?
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Oh agreed.  There are people who totally like time sinks.  I know completely but it still doesn't invalidate my point that it is a total Trope that annoys the heck out of me. 
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I felt the same way.  I can understand not wanting to kill someone, but when a person slaughters like 10 people in front of you, you'd think they'd react.  It's excusable for the first mission because maybe they didn't think it was real or they didn't understand that it was kill or be killed.  But after that, I never understood how nobody was willing to pull a trigger unless like 80% of the team had been killed.  Sometimes they'd even maneuver to get the drop on the enemy, but they'd freeze up, not pull the trigger and then the enemy goes and slaughters like 3 of their teammates.  How many times on how many missions does that have to happen before people start to realize that it's kill or be killed? 
Another thing I hate is how justice via revenge is a super bad thing in a lot of shounen anime.  I grew up in the 80s and 90s.  Bad guys got impaled, decapitated, eviscerated, burned alive, chopped in half, drowned, dropped off a mountain, left to die with a T-Rex, shot 50 times and had grenades shoved down their pants.  In anime, that's seen as wrong and it's always been weird to me.  It'd be like Die Hard 2 ending with Bruce Willis about to blow up the plane but someone screams out, "no don't do it!  If you let him get away for all the wrongs he's done, you'll be better off for it!"  Or if Taken stopped at his daughter's kidnapping and was just, "oh well, people get kidnapped every day.  I shouldn't try to find the bad guys.  Forgive and forget."
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I'm watching Future Diary right now and arghhh.

Another trope that needs to die is male leads who read porno mags and watch porn but when a real life hot girl tries to make out with them (or blow them or have sex with them) they throw her off like they're actually gay, the female form disgusts them, and the idea of sex makes them nauseous. Even more ridiculous is that these are supposed to be high school kids going through puberty with raging hormones and sex drives, yet only females seem to exhibit any desire to have physical contact with the opposite sex.

Even goofier, it's usually present in shows with a significant amount of fan service and ecchi content.

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Not so much an annoying trope, just one I've become very aware of recently; running during the end credits. I'm not sure why but there are a substantial number of shows that close with the main character or a group of characters running as fast as they can through a significant portion of the end credits. One of these days, I might go back and try to compile a list of all these shows.

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My least favourite trope is actually in yaoi manga/anime. A whole bunch of them have rape as a large concept and immediately after the uke gets rape, they fall in love with the seme. Grrrrrr.... I've only found one yaoi manga that takes a realistic view on this. The uke pretty much runs away for a week in shame, then tries to file charges on the seme. But the seme black mails him and thus the plot continues. But unfortunately this realistic look on rape is completely ignored and it bothers me to no avail.

I also despise tsundere unless it's a good tsundere that is actually entertaining. Most of the time the concept is dry, over used and unoriginal.

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Stop distracting from the story with pointless crap! >.<

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In a fucked-up a world as Gantz, I'd agree with OP that it's silly for the dude to still be scared of guns even though I live in one of those countries where people fear guns.

Fanservice is an awfully broad term though. Gainaxing (even slight movements cause boobs to bounce uncontrollably) and panty shots are things that need to go as well as that thing where the male lead trips into groping the female love interest.

Tsundere when done right is fine. What we think of as tsundere today is not what the term actually means. All it's supposed to mean is that the tsundere is kind of socially inept in that they can't accept their feelings for their love interest. Violence isn't involved. I object to Kugumiya Rie style tsunderes. They need to die.

I also don't like the badass girl/useless guy partnership, it's kinda tired at this point. The last thing I'll throw in here is sibling love stuff, like little sister/big brother fetishes. I've come to accept that Japan has a somewhat...different approach to incest than we do but I still can't stand that trope.

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Let's see:
-Pointless anime deaths- There are two cases of this trope that annoy me. The first one, a character clearly weaker than the major baddie of a series or arc keeps fighting on despite knowing that he's gonna get creamed and his sacrifice winds up doing little to nothing to help the lead character(s) of a series yet the series expects you to care regardless. The second case would be when a major character does wind up getting offed in a series, the anime makes up with a lame-ass plot device to conveniently bring said character back from the dead making any feelings the audience would have for said character's death be pointless. Shounen anime has a nice habit of pulling both variations of this trope that they annoy me to no end.
-Weak and helpless anime gals- These are female lead characters in a series normally used as otaku bait in conventional anime premises. Said gals are portrayed to be weak-willed, cute, helpless and having little to no friends without having the male lead of the series around to give said girls a confidence boost which contributes to their character development instead of learning to confront the challenges of life in their series on their own.
-Ridiculous boob sizes- A trope of ecchi anime that's recently pushed my buttons where the majority of female anime characters in a series have massive boob sizes and is accepted as part of the norm instead of having anyone else in vicinity wondering how the hell anyone can live that way without it taking a toll on their backs. Not to mention said monstrous jugulars look more disgusting than sexy and I'm left wondering what the otaku fanbase sees in such garbage.
-Sharp-tongued loli/ hapless guy character dynamic- This plot formula seems to have been popularized by Toradora for recent anime titles. Basically, these types of anime involve the male lead of a series playing cohort to a young, cute-looking female lead who likes to snark about every little thing going on, likes getting their kicks out of verbally tormenting the male lead and/or they could be a tsundere. The dynamic's not my favorite one because you know that the two characters will eventually hook up in the end making it predictable in its developments and it's still a variation of the tiresome tsundere character archetype.
-Perverted mentor- This character archetype has gotten quite overused where it is starting to tire me. Basically, it involves either one of the strongest and/ or most knowledgeable characters in a series who while they help train/ advise the lead character(s) of a series, they are not-so-secret perverts who take opportunities to peep on female characters, cop a feel of female body parts, steal their clothes, etc...
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@Neurotic said:

I object to Kugumiya Rie style tsunderes. They need to die.

*shock face*

A world without Kugimiya is no world at all
A world without Kugimiya is no world at all
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Its never really been that much of an issue until lately, mainly because I don't watch Shonen series, but the whole powering up concept is infuriating. I know! Its pretty much the whole point, but bear with me, its a very particular complaint. Truth be told the whole getting stronger, in order to beat your enemy loop is fine. The specific aspect of it that annoys me is the mid-fight ass-pull, namely whenever someone pulls out a secret technique or device, that up until that point has remained hidden. It more often that not appears at the most illogical points, and narratively speaking its ludicrous because you would hardly choose to handicap yourself in a life or death scenario.

Its become increasingly apparent whenever I've been watching Bleach, having recently started on the series. As of writing I've just reached the 3rd season, and already its happened numerous times.

@Dr_Ventum said:


Stop distracting from the story with pointless crap! >.<

It goes without saying, but I'll nominate once more anyway. Its the reason I dropped HSOTD after 2 episodes, it became too distracting. Its sad that the Ecchi was more prominent that the actual zombies themselves. Maybe its my fault, I'm definitely not the audience for that kind of material.

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