Anime World vs Real life

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no, this is not about a battle thread, this is about what world would you like to live in? the anime one or the real one? you know the reason for this is for instance on my facebook i saw this question :

"would you like to live in the silver millennium kingdom?" (the one from Sailor Moon) then many people replied : "of course!" , "yeah!" , "that would be awesome and beautiful" and so on.

but the issue here is since in that kingdom crime ,sickness and evil do not exist , would those fans REALLY like to live that way? they failed to understand what they really wanted and why? , because you know many of them like action and the battle of good vs evil and a world without problems would be a world without action and all that sutff. in my opinion i guess not many of them would have liked that way of life, they would consider it boring.

but this is just an example and thought of mine what about yours? anime world or real life?

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@SilverGalford: I guess that depends entirely on what my limitations are as a person living in these anime worlds. Would I be regular human fodder in the DBZ universe? Because that would be really sucky.

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If I was look for the real life experience in anime, I'd probably choose something like Cowboy Bebop or just about any realistic future show do the underline role of space travel and exploration sense, on another note, I'd probably just want to be the main character of some Harem, hmm.... hard to choose .... I got it ... I'd choose a realistic Harem set in the future o.O

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If I could have Misogi Kumagawa's power or any top tier from Medaka's Box, I'd probably go for that. Not the most hax ability in creation but certainly enough to keep me occupied for quite some time. Of course if I were fodder than I'd pick the most pleasant world possible. The Toriko world comes to mind since even as a normal human, there are many more pleasures available in that world that doesn't require you to be Superhuman. Also becoming superhuman would be easier than many other series. With diligence you can learn food honor and with risk, you can implant Gourmet Cells, a risk I would be willing to take. You don't have to be chosen or born with anything to get at least some power. Work and risk can get you power. Many series' have that feature but to truly be strong, usually genetics or natural talent are involved.
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if i was the same as im in now i would pick Clannad and became friends with the characters (:

either that or go into the pokemon world and advocate rights for pokemon.


girls bravo =D

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I'd rather live in the real world with an anime ability. The ripple would be cool to have.
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Toriko world (great quality life,easier to become powerful,better tech than ours)

naruto world (lame, low quality life, virtually no tech, hard to become powerful)

bleach world (boring, nearly impossible to become powerful)

one piece (cool but with no tech, easy to become powerful)

dragon ball (wayy too dangerous)

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^ Lol agree! Whether or not you can attain top power in Naruto and Bleach usually depends on rare genetics (in other words born with abnormal amounts of talent or advantages. Cough...Naruto...cough....Ichigo....cough....Uchiha......cough). Also agree about Toriko world. What I wouldn't do to live in the gourmet world. I'd be tempted to pull a Toriko and enter even knowing I could and almost certainly would get messed up.
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Fine, it depends.

If you become a high tier character then I would say Saint seiya, DBZ, Demonbane, JBA, etc.

If I must be a muggle then I would pick a verse in which I can become more powerful like Toriko.

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I would gladly live in the world of highschool DXD

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If I was a high/top tier then yes. I would love to have Divine Dividing, Light Hawk Wings, the Rinnegan, and Za Warudo and live in the Highschool DxD verse as part of Rias' Occult Research Club. Or have those powers in the real world lol imagine the crap I could get away with.
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