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Firstly i am a newbie here so if i have done anything wrong with creating the thread please let me know.

I recently got into anime and manga and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me.

Anime i have watched are:

1. Dragon Ball entire series.

2. Trinity Blood

3. Kaze No Stigma

4. Chrome Shelled Regious

5. Cowboy Bebop

6. Berserk

7. Rurouni Kenshin

8. A certain magic index

9. Trigun

10. Attack on Titan

11. Sword Art Online

12. Helsing

13. Devil May Cry

14. Bleach

Manga/ Mahwa

1. God of High School

2. One Punch Man

3. Noblesse

4. Bastard

I was wondering if anyone has any anime or manga suggestion for me.

I am a huge fan of action mangas/ anime that has a lot of action and extremely powerful character. I would rather prefer one with more powerful character rather than better story line.( I am totally weird that way :p )

Any and all suggestions are welcome.. and thanks in advance.

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No, you haven't done anything wrong. Most folks misplace their threads because they assume general discussion is for everything. General Discussion is both manga and anime topics.

Since the community is small, a few anime/manga suggestion threads wouldn't hurt. One day, we might have to make a hub thread. There is the manga endorsement thread . which started out.

I'm thinking of Seven Deadly Sins, but I only read up to 5 chapters. I believe and would do a better job than me explaining the good things of the series and selling it better.
Seven Deadly Sins is about Elizabeth who searches for the legendary group of knights called Seven Deadly Sins to save her kingdom from the Holy Knights. Part of the manga series that is appealing to me is the warm, funny moments especially Melioda's perverted ones and his lax attitude.


I hope you enjoy your stay in the site.

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@takashichea: Thank you, sounds good, will definitely give it a try :)

And thank you very much for the manga endorsement thread, will definitely give it a read through.

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Yeah Seven Deadly Sins is worth reading. In a nutshell it's like a darker Fairy Tail with higher power levels. It's not Bastar level but they're pretty strong. BTW nice reads. I read OPM and Bastard and very very recently caught up to GOH. Noblesse I haven't tackled yet. You also seem to be a fan of Darker series like me. For Shounen try Hunter x Hunter and Kingdom, but for Kingdom I have to stress that the manga is the way to go. With HXH the anime is definitely a go then finish up with the manga. It's ongoing but just came off a lengthy hiatus. Either the 1999 or 2011 anime works. The 2011 goes beyond where the '99 did though. Ogh and speaking I HXH, try Yu Yu Hakusho. It's by the same creator. The anime is 112 episodes with no filler. You'll see the similarities between Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter.
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@Killemall: Welcome to the Anime VIce!!! I'm sure if you follow the rules and get to know the users here you're going to enjoy this site =)

As for any suggestions i would say Soul Eater might be a good one for you , but if your looking for strong characters than you should also take a look at Saint Seiya because they have some pretty interesting abilities. I could just throw down a big list, yet I doubt you can really enjoy everything i put down, so i'll just give you a couple at a time and if you want anymore don't be shy to ask me.

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I highly recommend you read the Gantz manga, It's way better then Attack On Titan. The anime is alright, but it's not that good because it only covered about 90 chapters. Yu Yu Hakusho is another great series with both the anime and manga. If you're into comedy i would also give School Rumble or Azumanga Daioh a try.

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@waybig1010101: A big list of anime would be much appreciated, manga i have just started seven deadly sins to still have fair way to go. And thanks for welcome, surprisingly compared to comicvine this place seem more polite, which is cool :)

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@Killemall: alright i'll pull together a list for you then but besides action anime with OP characters, do you have any other interests? Also to add some comment on what you said @Killemall said:

@waybig1010101: And thanks for welcome, surprisingly compared to comicvine this place seem more polite, which is cool :)

we have a much smaller community than Comic vine, but I enjoy the size of our community because you can really get to know everybody here , so we are all on pretty much good terms with each other, however; like everything in the world it is not perfect, yet thankfully we have some great mods to help us out when something happens.

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Blade of the Immortal, Vagabond

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I recommend Steins;Gate, It as a good anime. It has lots of twist. :)

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Zetsuen no Tempest if you want even greater twists :))))))))))))

Btw, Rurouni Kenshin (Live Action) Has new sequels covering the Kyoto Arc. It already premiered in my place so.. does anybody here knows it?

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