Anime Characters as Lantern corps

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DC comics galactic lantern corps


Orange=Avarice (greed)





Violet/Pink=Love (unrequited, scorned or realized)

Lets attribute anime characters a ring accordingly. I'll go first.

Red= Son Gohan (especially if the Cell saga and prior sagas are considered)

Orange= Possibly Monkey D Luffy as a heroic example.

Yellow= Different villains or heroes use intimidation. Mostly villains.

Green= Naruto

Blue= Son Goku

Indigo= ....

Violet= Boa Hancock

any others?

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I got one suggestion, feel free to disagree, but Ichigo as a Green Lantern, he seems to me to have great will.

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i can see Sakura Haruno as a green lantern

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dude theres some pics on deviant art for one piece lanterns, go look it up! heres my favorite

this totally fits zoro XD

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luffy would be a great green lantern, he uses haki = willpower alredy, that amplified with a green lantern would make him reallly strong

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Asuka from EVA would make a decent Red Lantern

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  • Luffy
  • Zoro
  • Sanji
  • Naruto
  • Sasuke
  • Goku
  • Natsu

If you think about it, pretty much most main characters of anime usually have great amounts of willpower (enough to wear the green-powered ring)! It always leads to morals at the end of the anime after that.


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@Vouile:Highly disagree on Sasuke. He is more would get the fullest outcome of a red one. He fits it due to his characterization of revenge and random hatred, caused by too much hidden anger which IMO lead him to the severe psychological state he is in now, despite the fact that he hides it. Currently he(and after the whole Itachi thing), he is but an anger bomb waiting to burst in rage. He already is familiar with fire base attacks, so that is kinda of an edge.

Orange: diffenatly this bitch Nabiki Tend

If Vash(from Trigun) had both Indigo and Blue rings he would be a powerhouse. In a post apokolyptic, dessert, outlaw-ran world he still has hope for world peice. The man is compassionate for all forms of life even a eky spider. I supposed he would be unbeatable if we added Green, he is a huge pervert who turned down sex with 3 hot hookers for not a big reason, you can't get more willful than that.

Also Orange really fits Kakuzu(from Naruto), the ninja can barely stop counting money, and he is already experienced in controlling many bodies at once so he can imo do a better job than Larfreeze as well.

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Vegeta = Compassion.

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Using DBZ:

Red - Majin Vegeta, nuff said.

Orange - Yakon, he could't stop absorbing energy from Goku and payed the price.

Blue - Gohan, liked the music and entrance when he showed up against Super Buu.

Indigo - Piccolo, don't know why but maybe with his relationship with Gohan.

Green - Goku, the guy never gives up.

Violet - Dabura, in Other World he was Love incarnate.

White - Dende, the happy healer and Dragon Master.

Yellow - Evil Buu, the Grey Majin Buu is scary as hell, he doesn't say anything just laughs and has a creepy look in his eyes.

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I think i found one for Indigo

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Vegeta would be the greatest Red Lantern EVER.

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@niBBit: I think Frieza would be a better orange lantern.
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Broly - Green because he has no fear, and it matches his powers! he will have green powerX2

but on the reals, Broly fits good with the Red... same with Wrath "King bradley".

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