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Topic started by Rokujo on Aug. 17, 2010. Last post by Xaber 4 years, 5 months ago.
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So apparently there's a second season of Angel Beats! in the works for 2011. The second season is said to revolve around an entirely new cast.
Angel Beats! was definitely the best anime I've seen this year so far, perhaps one of the best I've ever seen. I'll admit it, I shed many tears throughout the series.  
With ongoing manga, and a special episode bundled in the final Japanese DVD release (December 22nd), there's still plenty more going on with this popular series. I, for one, am definitely up for a second season if the rumours prove to be true. 
Maybe they'll be going deeper into the story of the creator of the Angel Player? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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Aww, shouldn't have a new cast.
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@hitsusatsu11:  Yeah, I would miss the original cast. What else could they do with them though? Unless they did a real world story as a direct sequel.
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@Rokujo:  They could tell the old story but from the perspective of characters that weren't really focused on in the original series.   
I'm interested in seeing what they will do with a new cast.  Hopefully it won't be different characters doing the exact same things in the exact same situations as the old ones.
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@sickVisionz:  That's true enough. There were quite a few characters they could still develop; Shiina, TK, Takamatsu, Noda.
I'm reading through the manga atm, which starts when Hinata arrives in the afterlife.
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I luved this anime! I dont want the original cast to be gone though :(

they were all fun in their own way........but i guess it wouldnt make sense if they end up there again after they "graduated" huh? 
oh well...we'll see how it turns out

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Loving the series so far, onto episode 9 now. I wouldn't wanna see a whole new cast as I feel they could probably flesh out the characters a lot more than they already have... but whatever, can't wait for a second season.
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Thought I'd just point out that there's an ongoing manga named Angel Beats! Heaven's Door. It's a prequel going through events before Otonashi arrives at the beginning of the series. It appears to be going into a bit more depth with the characters. The SSS hasn't even been founded at the point they're on at the moment.
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New cast is a bad idea! Oh well, nothing wrong with more Angel Beats I suppose....
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 I love Key and I love the characters of Angel Beats, but I never expected them to revisit that universe with such an approach. I was expecting them to move on to a completely new project.

Either way, I'll always be excited for more Key works! I'm still waiting for them to deliver even more pathos than what I felt by the end of Air. I don't think I've ever really empathized as much with characters as I did with Air's by its climax.  
Actually, if we include works beyond Key-based anime, I'll admit that their not-yet-adapted visual novel, Planetarian, was able to strike me as much as Air did. I really hope they make some sort of Planetarian adaptation. It would make an amazing OVA or even a full feature film with the right approach!
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I'm exited about this! kinda.  A new cast of characters would make sense and fit in with the "lore" of the first season, I think there was a lot of exposition in the last couple of episode so I can't remember.  All and all I am all for a new characters but I wouldn't mind an Angel Beats! Kai or Angel Beat?! ether.  
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The first series of Angel Beats was such a mind fuck, but the last episode was a very emotional endeavor, although I'd probably give the first season a decent 3/5, I'd totally be excited to see a second season of this series.
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Season one of the serie was good except of the flaws in the last episode that didn't make sense ( If Otonashi gave his heart to Tenshi when he died how can she be in the afterlife before him???)
i think the old cast will be in season 2 but more as guest appearances
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