Amaterasu Limits

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With Amaterasu Sasuke is able ignite and manipulate black flames but what are the limits. Can he form them into any shape and sizie? If he sees it he can ignite fire on it so could he burn a whole mountain. What if he's looking through opticals like binoculars, telescope or microscope could he ignite something through it. Could he alter the size for germs or plantes through micro and telescopes? If he's looking through binoculars does that increase his range? Can he ignite something when he is looking through a window or reflection from mirror. All it says is he can alter shape and size but no to what limits. In theory he could be a GOD. What do you think?

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Amaterasu is overhyped and not that great. Sasuke's use of it couldn't even burn fodder Samurai in a timely fashion and it didn't even burn through their armor after several seconds. The Raikage also ignored it for a time.
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Agreed with above post, the best part about Amateratsu is the fact that it apparently can't be put out, except by the user (however, even this might be false, seeing as how no one put out the burning land after Itachi battled Sasuke, yet, since the entire place isn't in ashes, it has to be assumed it burned itself out) Amateratsu burns ridiculously slow, and has been countered quite a bit. 
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Amaterasu best feats often involved with Itachi's usage although Sasuke's is supposed to be better.

Itachi's instantly burned through a fire retardant toad stomach.

It also eliminated the Cerberus Dog summon despite its ridiculous durability (even survived a rasenshuriken casually)

It also prevented Nagato from regenerating strangely enough.

So yes AMaterasu is overhyped but its best feats tended to involve when Itachi uses it but when Sasuke uses it not as great despite his superior spatial control.

Basically when its focused it burns much faster but it burns much slower than normal when left alone. The danger is that you will be dying a slow painful death because it can't be put out by normal mean. Another words a long term one hit KO.

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Based off of how much pain and bleeding results from making a handful of blasts to target human sized targets, Sasuke making a mountain sized Amaterasu would probably result in death or instant blindness and him being in a state where he needs serious and immediate emergency care.

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