AlphaVictor: We Are [Not] Selling Out!

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Whiskey Media may have split, but we can't be bought off by our new corporate overlords (unless they give us money, then we can talk)!

Because I forgot to make topics for them before, here are the two latest episodes of Anime Vice's unofficial podcast, Alphavictor:

Episode #28: No Doc, You Are The Reapers

DocHaus has yet to actually play Mass Effect 3, but everyone else won't shut up about it, so he rants about another topic instead: Crunchyroll using "spec work" to get one of their fans to create a mascot for them where the "winner" gets no tangible or intangible prize and forfeits their rights to ownership of said mascot if they win. Also, Kurt still hates everything you like. Except Mass Effect 3.

Link here.

Episode #29: We Are [Not] Selling Out!

Among the topics discussed, DocHaus talks about Daily Lives of High School Boys, the crew talks about other anime that ended by the time you hear this podcast (for better or worse) and Kurt decides to let out some flamebait--or was that jailbait?--about J-Pop idols. Something like that. I probably should have edited that bit out. Uh oh. Send me a postcard from prison, Kurt!

Link here.

As always, ask us a question in the comments below and we will probably answer it, either in this thread or in a future show. Enjoy!

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Woo! I was wondering if there were gonna be any more of these ever since the whiskey split.

Question: were these recorded pre or post whiskey split?

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@cynically_happy: Episode 29 was the weekend straight after if I remember correctly.

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Hold on! what was the name of that Hotel manga thing? Because manga by the way of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie just sounds kind of amazing

Also all anime needs more Macho Man Randy Savage

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The Vovnich Hotel. We don't seem to have a wiki entry here, but look for either that name or the author Dowman Sayman.

If you look for his(?) other works, be warned that they are 100x weirder and some are NSFW.

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Thanks also keep up the good work, the whole j-pop groups bit had me laughing pretty hard

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@cynically_happy: glad to hear!

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