AlphaVictor: In Death Do Us Never Part

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Alphavictor comes up with the brand new Episode 31!


Finally, everyone was here and we got a theme! So let's see, what did we talk about in this podcast? CrazyCanuck talks about the various deaths of characters in anime and how they were drained of meaning, not all that much better than their western counterparts. Also, Fujiko Mine solved the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kurt hates "that fucking gun show" anime, and we decide to not bother previewing the next anime season. Yes, it really does look that terrible, unlike this podcast!


Oh, and while you're here, don't forget Episode 30!


DocHaus was out partying again, so the other AlphaVictorians talked about random things without him, including manga readers, mahjong, and Final Fantasy (again!).

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Just started listening and I remembered that I doodled this.

Edit: I remember watching that scene in Code Geass where: Lelouche accidentally ordered Euphie to kill all those Japanese people and going "what the hell?!". That scene came out of nowhere and it felt like the writers felt like they needed some kind of twist to occur so they came up with one on the spot. I mean I like the show, but really, that was a dumb plot twist

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Sorry for the late reply, but that's an adorable doodle. Thanks! All it needs is a guy with a monocole and top hat and we're in business.

As for the Geass plot twist, I think that was mainly because the production team had to end the show in 25 episodes and didn't yet discover that they were getting funding for another 25. By the time they did, they just had to roll with it.

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Hey! We've got an emblem now!

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