AlphaVictor #6: Give thanks, but we'd prefer a tip.

Topic started by DocHaus on Dec. 2, 2010. Last post by Gaff 4 years, 2 months ago.
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DocHaus was busy fighting his way through evil turkeys and zombie pilgrims, so the other AlphaVictorians decided to pick up the slack once again! Topics for this episode include Harry Potter, Beast Wars, Freakazoid, 90’s Sitcoms and Captain Britain in the Avengers. Oh, and at some point we decided to talk about the various Anime of the year, like (fucking) K-ON!
Many thanks to damswedon, firehawk12 and CrazyCanuck again for picking up the slack while I was recovering from a weekend of Thanksgiving. I was absent for this one, so damswedon even took care of the mixing and editing for this episode. Hope you folks enjoy it all the same.
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As usual, if you folks have any questions, comments or suggestions, we're here to listen to them.
On a completely different note: Zombie Pilgrims!
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A lot of mentioning of Zombies in your thread thanks for making me feel awkward...maybe I should listen to the entire podcast to see if zombies are discussed.
Also to ensure that I never actually post anything anime related on the forums here's a crazy French 80's music video:
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I remember the horrible start to the show since I was put on the spot... then we get into a K-On discussion that was fairly unnecessary. :lol:
So with that said, I apologize in advance!
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@zombiepie: I call your 80's French music video and raise you the 90's German Sailor Moon opening 
Show notes:  
  • The comedian I mentioned wasn't Milton Jones but instead Tim Vine.
  • The Scanty and Kneestocks pic is here
  • and the Half Life K-ON! vid is here and loud.
Because I've got two of the fuckers, the first two people to get the names of either the opening or ending and post here can have a Free 24 hour All-Access gift pass for Crunchyroll.
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@damswedon Tempting, how does it work for us Europeans?
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@Gaff: just as well, because it is a code you enter.
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@damswedon:  I will always get the Parthian shot you heathen. Don't even try homie.

Post by Gaff (213 posts) See mini bio Level 11
@damswedon: Hmmm. Interesting. Then again, regarding the OP & ED for this podcast... You're a terrible person!! 
Post by CrazyCanuck (169 posts) See mini bio Level 15
Let me just say I tried not to talk about K-On but my heart wasn't strong enough lol! 
Also.. @zombiepie: @damswedon:  
I see your Jean Micheal and Sailor moon and raise you 
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Tegami Bachi is awesome you guys should watch it. 
Also Wolverine is Canadian. He was born in Alberta in 1890.

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A question for the next podcast:

What's up with the British fascination with dominatrices?
What are your plans for the coming season? Any anime you plan to catch up on, games, TV, movies?
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