Aizen's Zanpakuto

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Ok, we all know Aizen's zanpakuto's power is complete hypnosis, and the only way to fall victim to it is to look at it. Making Ichigo one of the only people to be unaffected by it. Does this have a limit, there are several who I'm sure he could have used it on numerous times. It seems to have not affected Urahara, Isshin, Yoruichi, and Ichigo. Those four have all been at one point a potential victim of kyoka suigetsu. Yet none of them seem to be phased by it. Also, did Ichigo become too strong for it to effect him, because I'm pretty sure he has glanced at it more than once during his final battle with Aizen.

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Aizen just didn't cast it due to cockiness. It was also a plot device since Kubo made it too hax, he had to make it so that it wasn't cast on Ichigo. We know it wasn't due to overall power because it worked on Yamamoto and Juha Bach, both of whom were stronger than Ichigo or Yoruichi, Urahara and Isshin at the time. However ascended Ichigo and other ascended beings could possibly be too powerful for it to work since we do know that if there's a significant enough reiatsu difference, techniques can be bypassed. But even then it's a maybe. Dangai Ichigo while stronger was not so much stronger that Aizen wasn't able to put up a fight.
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I always assumed he didn't use it on Issen & crew. Also, I think there is a ritual he has to go through (at least unsheathing it) in order for it to affect people. Plus, once the Hgyouku started transforming him, Aizen seemingly lost all interest in using his zanpakuto's abilities and was more than happy to just sword fight people.

@taichokage said:

Dangai Ichigo while stronger was not so much stronger that Aizen wasn't able to put up a fight.

Man, what part of that battle was Aizen putting up a fight? Ichigo was breaking high level full incantation kido with his bear hands, stopping Aizen's sword with a finger, taking nuclear level blasts at point blank without even trying to dodge because he knew it wouldn't hurt him in the least. That fight got ridiculously lopsided quickly.

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There are indeed limits to it, as exploited by Gin. Whoever touches the blade of Kyouka Suigetsu before they fall to the ritual of complete hypnosis will be unaffected.

That is what Dangai Ichigo did when he caught Aizen's blade, thus from that point on Aizen's KS would have had no effect on him just as it had no effect on Gin.

It also seems that those who get cut Kyoka Suigetsu will have the illusion momentarily dispelled, which touches back on the whole "touching the blade of Kyouka Suigetsu" ordeal.

Only reason as to why it may not have affected the FKT trio is because they did not see the ritual release. Either that or Aizen's cockiness and arrogance got the bettter of him.

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