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Well, welcome to the first ADW of 2014 and this means and during all that time the blog wasn't updated, I had some heavy IRL stuff in the mix of raising my GPA, but I prevailed and everything was solved and it even had me closer to my family. (In short, fuck 2013. Right in that ass.) Now, let's get everything back up to speed for this year!

First off, Anime.

The previous season was bananas for what I ended up enjoying, but because school was getting real, I only managed to check out Lady Jewelpet, Chiaka, The Coffin Princess and Mekaku City Actors and out of these, Mekaku City Actors claimed my heart from Episode 1, was a bit iffy about Chiaka after 1 episode, and Jewelpet was a cheesefest, but it was fun. I got yet to check out some others, however and hope to do so soon after things wind down.

Thankfully, my Master Computer at home isn't like this...
Thankfully, my Master Computer at home isn't like this...

Sylveon and Gold

I went to two malls in separate days: The first was in the Great Mall of Georgia and the second was in North Pointe Mall. While North Point did have some charm and had a store where I found a plushie of Sylveon, I ended up having much more fun at the Great Mall for the areas we explored. I really want to look at the GMG when the Christmas decorations are about.

How I Feel about School Right Now

It actually feels like a corrupt system in my school despite my strong drive to reach for graduation. Recently, I had to switch a class to a refresher course (but I was refunded for that class, which was rare for a college) and found out that my academic advisor registered me one stage too early for the course. Well, better than getting auto-failed by someone who was nice most of the time (that's if I had declined the advisor's plan). There are also too many corrupt teachers, especially the few teachers who I had the most trouble with for one class until a much better teacher showed up and managed to get me out of these courses with great grades. One of them was so bad, it took me years until last quarter to pass it and the other times were from the one teacher who turns her students into academic cattle if they make just one false move. If it weren't for good teachers about and the people I met that turned out to be friends later on, my drive would be much less stronger than it is today.

Finally, a Tournament Report!

During the time that I was off, I participated in two tournaments. One was a draft for Vanguard, the other was a full tournament of the same game. In the previous draft, I only had two holo cards. One was pulled and the other was given to me on accident during the rotation (I kept it) I ended up being very close to first place until I decked out due to taking one damage point further than him. I got back at him when he asked if the one card I actually pulled (Ethics Buster Extreme) was open by replying that it was already traded. The look of his face was priceless. The full tournament was nearly as more troublesome as the draft, but I managed to reach into the top 8 with my deck (PR<3ISM Bermudas). Both actually ended up being fun despite the last battle where me and my opponent was gradelocked (Stuck at Grade 2 or lower).

I have another mat to consider, but I also want to use this one to piss my rivals off. XD
I have another mat to consider, but I also want to use this one to piss my rivals off. XD

Thanks for reading this rather long blog of mine. I hope to bring more of my misadventures to you guys soon. :)

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For me, 2013 was pretty brutal. Along with school and work, I had to change major in Fall of 2013. That was when I was promoted to be a mod by Daniel. I told Daniel that it wasn't a good idea and it was a bad time. Daniel did it anyways. It put a lot strain on me because for some reason, I ended up taking the whole community in. The battle forums were at their ugliest. If I had to reboot it, I would have avoided the battle forums entirely.

I bet you're closer to graduating than me. I'm an old man, 5 years of college, not even close to graduating. Did I ever asked you about your major? I don't remember your major. It sounds bad if you have corrupt teachers. For me, I only run into trouble with professors if they don't do anything. One of them took a leave of absence and basically leave you to learn the material by yourself and take the exam without knowing the professor's style. For me, the battle to succeed is learning how your teacher operates and how to learn the material to pass the tests.

I didn't know you were into card tournaments. When I see Vanguard, I think of knights. Considering that pic you posted, I didn't expect magical girls.

Good job, BigHeart711! I'm always glad to work with you on those seasonal trailer guides despite seeing the same tropes each season.

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