A Live Anime/Manga Movie like XMen:1st Class.

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After watching X-Men First Class, I accept myself: can a live action movie based on an anime/manga be as loosely adapted like this movie, and fans would still enjoy it? Granted, I didn't believe for a sec that Beast and Mystique were an item in both continuity of the comics and the movies, but it didn't really ruin the movie for me.
But still, as we all seen in the parody videos, comics, and tv shows, we anime nerds are rather hard to be pleased with whatever comes from the Western Studios. Afterall, the-movie-we-refuse-to-recall was the worst of them. But other movies like "The Guyver" could have worked... without all that "humor" bits put into it. ANd it looks like "Cowboys and Aliens" are taking over from what might have been "Cowboy Bebop"
So what do you say?
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@rein: Good counterpoint, but I was referring to American Studios making these things....though I am sure some studio or director will give THEIR take of this movie like so many other Japanese movies, like Pulse, soon enough...
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@SilverZeo: Sorry, i didn't notice the part about western studios. Still, i feel as though gantz proves it can be done. (if It was done over there eventually we will be able to catch on.) 
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Anime/Manga still has alot of growing to do in the west. Eventually we will see some good American adaptations of some Manga Franchises.

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@Sonata: Yeah, but the nerds will be the last one to be happy. When the Network skipped the first episodes of Dragonball GT because they thought they would be too boring, the fans were kinda outraged... though today, most fans have a disdain for that series as filler.
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