A Formal Introduction: One Fan's Journey

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@Bigheart711 said:

@Hailinel: Welcome to the Vice, Hailinel! :)

I agree with Vampire Princess Miyu, except that I like both the series and the 3-part OVA, but that wasn't the first anime I got into (I was one of the guys who got interested in Anime after they saw a number of DBZ episodes).


I liked the TV series as well, but after watching fansubs of it during club showings back in college, I really wasn't fond of Tokyo Pop's treatment of it on DVD. Still, it's been a while since I've watched it.

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No worries, you don't sound like a crusty old fart. You just sound old!

Kidding, kidding! Your "anime origin story" sounds quite a bit like mine, just pushed back a decade or so. This was definitely an interesting read! I might do a writeup like this myself sometime.

As for your list of favorites, while most of them sound unfamiliar, I've actually been thinking about watching Zeta Gundam sometime, since it's one of the few Gundam series I haven't at least tried watching. If I've found it somewhat difficult to go back and watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam ("Gundamu! Show!"), should I even bother with Zeta?

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@CrackedOnyx: Heh, thanks!

Zeta Gundam is, by all accounts, one of the darker Gundam shows. It skews toward a more mature storyline than the original series, and its characters are really some of the most memorable in the franchise. The only thing I'd really note is that the U.S. DVD release features different opening/ending themes because of music licensing issues.

If you like any of the Gundam series at all, or at least giant robots, I'd at least give it a chance. It does serve as a direct sequel to the original Mobile Suit Gundam, but it doesn't lean too heavily on that aspect, as the main characters from the original show that do appear in Zeta are relegated to secondary roles.

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