2012 Anime/Manga Purchase #7 & #8

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I didn't have as much to show off since some of the items are parts of orders that were unavailable for earlier videos. But I still counted them as separate buys since they came from different places. Enjoy what I got and look forward to another video in about a week since I just made a RightStuf order. Oh, and the hentai manga I bought is not on AV. It's called Hatsu Inu.

WARNING! This video contains explicit language. Also, this video is not edited in any way.

Want to guest-host an episode of Dunce Cap? Go here!

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Oh hey I totally missed this one when you first posted it. Nice purchases, looks like you got some pretty sweet deals here. I would personally like to see a video where you get all the Fairy Tail FUNimation sets you've bought so far and open them up and show of the reversible covers and stuff, as well as any other cool anime box sets you have.

I'm also all aboard the Hentai Edition Dunce Caps. Get on that shit!

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Lately, Sonata was on a hentai wiki rampage. I forgot about these videos out, too. I'll check them later, and I'm still waiting for one more manga from Rightstuf due to back orders. I'm going to put up a blog on Rightstuf except without the video.

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I have all 4 sets that are out but have yet to watch 3 and 4. You should see the stack of anime I have on my floor that need opened and watched. Not to mention all the manga I haven't been talking about and need to read. But I have quite a bit more hentai now than a the time of these videos. Need to review them. I'm also like 11 episodes behind on Fairy Tail.


I'm waiting on a whole order from RightStuf that they have decided to not ship. But my purchasing will still be taking a back seat as I really need to catch up more on new anime and play the growing number of games on my shelf. Not enough time in the day!!

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