2012 Anime/Manga Purchase #4

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I did it again Vicers. I crumbled under the weight of another RightStuf sale. It's a pretty good order but it could have been better if there was more manga in stock that I wanted. Won't be until later this week that I get to the series I got for DCs. I need to get back into manga reviews, too.

WARNING! This video contains explicit language. Also, this video is not edited in any way.

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You're going in this year on anime buys!

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Yeah Spice & Wolf is a good show. The economics part of it was pretty interesting, despite me not being too fond of it or anything business. And yeah, the English dub is pretty great. It's a series you can enjoy watching either audio, so that's always nice. I also need to watch the second season too.

That's it! I cave! My birthday's coming up next month, so I'll buy something anime-related instead of focusing solely on game purchases.

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That's just kind of how it has worked out so far. I have mostly refrained from buying a bunch of manga because I've been waiting for promotions, volumes I need/want to be in-stock., and to catch up on what I already have. But I see myself spending about $1,000+ if I keep it up.


You can probably go to Hulu, FUNi's website, or FUNi's YouTube channel to watch the second season (I don't think it's up on Netflix with the first season but I could be wrong.).

You do that! Be sure to check out RightStuf.

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