2012 Anime/Manga Purchase #14 Part 1

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Hey Vicers! I won't bore you with text so I'll get right to the point with the video. This is Part 1 of my final purchase of the year from RightStuf. Look forward to the reviews!

Want to guest-host an episode of Dunce Cap? Go here!

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Same here. I haven't watch Tenchi since Toonami. Ever since I read that article about how Tenchi's show was bad, I was a little disheartened. I grew up liking all of the Toonami shows, and when I rewatch Dragon Ball Z with my bro as an adult, I enjoyed it less. I realized it was all about fighting with little plot and Goku being incapacitated or delayed until he saves the day. I don't know if I will face that sort of feeling with Tenchi Muyo.

Haven't tried Hellsing yet, but I was helping Toxin45 with formatting the Hellsing pages. It seems like an interesting show to add to my To Watch List. I haven't got to watching your recommended shows: Dream Eater Merry, Angel Beats, Black Lagoon, and Infinite Stratos. I did get to try Highschool of the Dead last summer. I thought I hate it, but the show grew on me once I got used to the ridiculous fan service.

I need to do the RightStuf blog, too. I got my last shipment on Oct. 29 that I ordered since September 19. I won't buy anymore since I ran out of cash.

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I'm a little over half way done with Universe and I have noticed I suffer some nostalgia. Not as funny as when I first saw it. But DBZ will always have a place for me. I need to finish up Dragon Ball.

As you can see, I have my thoughts up for Hellsing Ultimate in a new blog.

I need to get back to reading HOTD since I have all the volumes (I think).

You've gotten some good stuff recently and I'm behind on Ultimo. I haven't received any more of my order yet but since Aria and C are already out I bet RightStuf is going to send them with Hellsing Ultimate Part 2. It comes out the 13th but I'm hoping to get it early like Part 1.

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