2012 Anime/Manga Purchase #10-13

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Hey Vicers! I haven't been active recently but I do have a lot of content to cover (as you will see in these videos). I've got some material ready to be recorded so I'll get to it soon. But I didn't want to take up a bunch of blogs so I'm putting all my recent purchase videos in this blog. Some of it is from RightStuf and some is from Amazon. Enjoy!

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I need to start reading Blue Exorcist manga since I just finish the anime wiki project. I recall the anime diverge during the Amaimon and Rin's rematch scene. I'm not sure exactly.

Kore wa Zombie - I'm not used to its style. It's too childish when you compared to the anime. (I don't know the right word to describe it) Right now, I'm not liking the manga's art style. Also, they did not include Seraphim's fight with Ayumu from the anime. It's a bit disappointing. Plus, I feel the fan service shifts to Haruna in the manga while in the anime, it's more about the big breasted girls: Seraphim, Yuki, and Kyoko.


Vol. 1 covers up to the part where Ayumu meets the dog man who investigates the murders. Then, Vol. 2 covers up to Eucliwood meeting Midnight.

I'm not into Moe either. I never watched them, but I did post a lot of trailers that had them with BigHeart711 for the spring and summer. I watched the first Fullmetal Alchemist movie. It was not that great, but it did provide closure to Wrath (Izumi's son), Envy, Rose, and the Elric brothers.

I ordered Ultimo Vol. 4-7 since I caught the Rightstuf's Viz Media sale. I forgot that Blue Exorcist is Viz Media. I was so stupid, yet I didn't have much cash on hand.

Great video blog, Sotyfan16!

Right now, I'm updating and making those wiki completion blogs look better, and I post a Rightstuf blog if I get some time.

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Like you, I find it strange that they put mature content on the Kore Wa Zombie books. The nudity scenes all have convenient censorships, and the blood is not that graphic than the anime.

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I'm working on getting more of my purchases watched. I finished up Nyan Koi! (which I bought some time ago) and powered through Freezing right after. I have like 6 items to make DCs for and I really need to get back to reading my physical manga so I can change up from just covering anime.

I went ahead and made a huge pre-order purchase on RightStuf with the current FUNi sale. 7 boxsets for $264 and my Got Anime membership saved me 10% off that. The first one doesn't come out for 3 weeks still and the last one comes out in December. With how they shipped my last orders, I wonder whether they will ship part of the order once some of them are out or if I will wait until they are all released. It doesn't really matter since I'm so backlogged anyway.

I'm really disappointed how Heaven's Memo Pad on BD is $52. I really like the series but I'm going to wait until it's at least $10 cheaper.

Thanks for the info though. I haven't read my Ultimo 7 or Zombie yet. I passed on the Viz sale because I bought a bunch of Viz items I wanted in the Back to School sale.

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Oh, I haven't read Ultimo vol. 4-7. It's still on back order, and I had Kore wa Zombie Vol. 1 and 2 back in August. I just received a part of my order yesterday, Black Butler and Fullmetal Alchemist. The sad part is that I found out that the Vol. 27 of my FMA book has a gash at the bottom, so the last remaining pages are ripped a bit. I contacted Rightstuf to see if I can get a new book but no response; I need to check their return policy online.

I haven't tried Nyan Koi, but I have this video on my favorite AMV list because I like how the song and anime blend well. It was strange that I had a Nyan Koi AMV in my faves for a while when you brought that up.

I forgot to comment when you talked about building a complete collection for Fairy Tail and Claymore. I was thinking about what collection should I do, but the books I buy are usually volumes that library doesn't have. Most manga books I just read and never come back to it. I need to make sure that the books I buy for myself or my siblings are worth keeping. If not, I just sell it or donate to the library if it's too old. The cool thing about the library is that I can try different series for free, yet it's limited to how much manga it has. It's a cheaper alternative for me.

The strange part is that ever since BigHeart711 started up the Quick Picks, I got into buying manga again this summer.

The only collection I'll complete is the Avatar the Last Airbender: The Promise. It's a trilogy with books that are thinner that Kore wa Zombie's novels.

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I enjoy the Fairy Tail manga about as much as the anime and it's a fun series. As for Claymore, the story is interesting and where the anime ends it really picks up. Those are on the backburner for me as there are other series I enjoy that I want to keep getting.

I might at some point start getting rid of some manga and anime that I don't need to keep around.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot to comment on the adult stuff. I need to check out Sundome. It sounds tame. If I have some privacy to myself, I would have bought Velvet Kiss and Love Junkies. I thought I was a person who likes Vanilla genre, but man, they're a bit boring. There's not much conflicts besides people muscling to hit on your lover. I remember from the Hentai Harems: From Loser to Stud Edition blog, some of the manga's girls are pretty faithful to the guy except for Sayoko Bizen. I just don't like the double standard where if a guy's a man whore, he's a player. If a woman sleeps with a lot of guys, she's a slut.

Just ignore my little off-tangent rant. It was because of Glass no Megami and other smut manga series that left a bad taste for me.

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I highly recommend Sundome. I have all 8 volumes. I need to reread it and review it (as with other titles as well). It may sound tame but it deals with some fetishes that I wouldn't try in the bedroom. However, the story and characters are wonderful. Comedy and drama that play well together. I became very connected and felt the sad moments, especially the ending.

Now, a manga series that actually is tame despite its content is Nana to Kaoru (currently running and an ecchi series like Sundome but little or no nudity). It's not licensed and is a funny and touching step-up S&M (how the series is described, not my own words).

Yet another manga I can suggest is Peephole (another unlicensed series that currently has 10 volumes). It is a hentai but is censored. I jump back and forth between being really annoyed with the characters and story and enjoying them. The protagonist is actually one of the worst I've ever come across and if you check it out I'm sure you'll agree.

Sometimes when reading hentai you can't get too caught up in comparing to reality and social norms. Have to enjoy them as-is.

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That's a looooot of hentai. Daaaaaamn.

I'd actually prefer individual blogs, 45 minutes is a whole lot of YouTube video to get through, though get through it I did. It oddly amusing to see your hair grow each time I pressed play.

I definitely prefer the anime version of Oreimo to the manga. The manga is fine, but just didn't seem right somehow. It felt like some of the charm I got out of the anime wasn't coming through in the manga.

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Ah. I haven't gotten to Oreimo yet. I have barely touched what I have the last couple months.

Good job watching them all. I was short on time when I got around to putting these up and a couple of them I had uploaded a month prior. Wasn't my plan but it was the easiest.

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I got into Oreimo this semester because of Daniel. I caught up to season 2. It's a good thing I watched the True Route. Otherwise, I would have been lost and spoiled by season 2's first episode.

I agreed with Daniel with the Oreimo manga. It didn't capture Kirino's cute appeal and her Bitchy attitude from the anime. (not to sound creepy)

Though, I find the manga added an exclusive scene between Kyosuke and Manami which I like. I'm still not used to the manga's character designs. Anime's character designs are cuter. In one instance, the Manami in the manga looks strange when she smiles. Her sclera did not appear making her look bug eyed or something.

Haven't got into East of Eden, Sundome, and Nana to Kaoru yet.

Speaking of Hentai

Project H has licensed my favorite hentai manga: Koi o Suru no ga Shigoto Desu (Love on the Job) and Velvet Kiss. Both done by Chihiro Harumi.

Love on the Job

It's about a couple who work at their own separate favorite toy company. However, their romance is forbidden due to the rivalry between these two companies. Will Hatsuhi Ryou and Sawamura Minori's love for each other stay strong or will they lose their jobs and possibly their love?

Velvet Kiss

Nitta Shin, an average businessman, has won the lottery, but he signed a contract under the influence. He gets into debt of 80 million Yen. His creditor tells him to keep a certain woman company in order for his debt to disappear.

Ring X Mama

I have been following Project H on Twitter. I found out that they are going to release Ring X Mama Vol. 1 in July 2013. It's one of

Ring X Mama is about Ryoma Hamazaki who is a virgin nerd who fantasized about female wrestlers. His life changes when he meets Justice Asuka, the girl of his dreams. He becomes the manager with the magic touch and works to restore Team Gigamax.

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Love on the Job sounds good. I've read 2 or 3 volumes of Velvet Kiss and find it alright but I struggle to enjoy it more. I've read all of Ring X Mama. I love it except for the censoring (maybe it won't be in the publishing).

I did do a bit of reading up with my physical manga but barely made a dent. Still behind on everything else except for some I'm reading online. I think you'd like a couple of them (Akame ga Kiru and Unbreakable Machine Doll (which are both monthly series and have been running for 3 years each)).

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