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Well, what a hard-to-categorize show. I mean, seriously - - this episode alone starts off with a bit of whimsy and ends with some cold, mean survival tips. Every time I think I’ve got GALAXY EXPRESS pegged, it goes on and serves that understanding right around.

See, I went into this installment expecting it to be a 22-minute-long serving of “imagination candy” of the same flavor as a good Roald Dahl story. You know - - something where most of the appeal comes down to just learning about the clever creations that the writer’s imagined (like, say, a “Comet Library” in space that house every book ever published), it’s laced some macabre style and then, all the surrounding hijinks eventually reveal a nice moral. Only, in this case, the moral is “If somebody tries to con you, you must show them no mercy.”

And yeah, that’s sensible. It doesn’t matter how bad these wretched, pleading impostors make Maetal and Tetsuro feel; they’ve got to be fast and sure about booting them off the train. Anybody who’s dealt with even just solicitors on the street knows that’s true. Show an inch of sympathy to an angler, and they’ll pry it open into a couple feet of opportunity on your behalf.

In short - - the message is that you’ve really got to be a hardass. And that kind of harshness is still unexpected after cutesy, wink-wink gags where Matsumoto’s characters are still reading Matsumoto’s magazines in the distance future. Then again, this is the show that start with its scrappy Pollyanna gunning down a whole room full of bad guys in cold vengeance, so I shouldn’t really be that surprised.

Anyway, at this point, we’re close enough to the last episode available on Hulu (#9 for everybody paying attention), so I suppose I’ll go ahead, stick with the original plan and see this series through to that end. Maybe I’ll do the remaining three altogether. Maybe not. I’m not going to act like my choices with this column don’t come down more often to simple whims.

Watch this episode, "The Comet Library” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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You should watch the movie version of this it is quite good. I may have to watch these episodes on hulu as they do sound somewhat interesting, to bad no one has the rest of them.

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Crunchyroll has all of them and I think Crackle has most of them.
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@sickVisionz said:

Crunchyroll has all of them and I think Crackle has most of them.

As much I'd love to keep watching on there, I think I'll wrap up where Hulu cuts out.

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