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Well, that’s what I get for looking too quickly at a listing. Because Hulu only has nine episodes of this show available, I assumed it was just a mini-series. Not so! Our very own sickVisionz pointed out in the last talkback that this series actually runs for 113 (!!!) and, indeed, a little extra research has proved that to be true. You get no XP for guessing that there’s no way I’ll be covering all forty-odd hours of GALAXY EXPRESS 999, so now it’s a question of when I’ll stop. Most likely, I’ll wrap it up with the last one on Hulu - - so here’s your week-in-advance warning, pals.

When PenguinDust was bringing up how this show only had a few go-to plots for its one-offs, I furrowed my brow. How could there be that much repetition in in less than half a season? Well, now I can totally picture that. I rarely have much patience for any series that dangles a goal over the plot for too long and, if it’s really going to take over a hundred episodes for Tetsuro and Maetel to reach their paradise planet for a cyber-makeover, then this show’s got to have clumps and clumps of padding.

Honestly, this episode was already veering into the sort of free association sci-fantasy plotting that can be charming in small doses, but tedious when stretched over too protracted an expanse. Sure, it’s charming to see Tetsuro in awe of this train’s computer conductor and its living glass waitress. We’re learning about this universe just like he is, after all. And when he quickdraws a sub-machinegun on the ghastly specter from his hallucination (as depicated above), it had the sort of unintentionally-hilarious camp appeal that I alluded to in the last write-up.

But I don’t know how much of that camp I can put up with if I’m watching this alone. Perhaps it’s just as well that I don’t watch this past episode 9, then. Actually - - could that perhaps be the point where the Galaxy Express jumps the shark?

Watch this episode, "The Resting Warriors on Titan” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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If you're willing to give it 13 episodes, I can point out some good ones that cover the gamut of what the show offers. All of the plotlines boil down to

  • Tetsuro loses his railway pass and has to get it back.
  • Maetel is kidnapped and Tetsuro has to rescue her.
  • People are trying to sneak aboard the GE999.
  • Life in space ain't easy
  • T&M land on a planet with class warfare and they help someone.
  • T&M land on a planet with a dictator and they bring him down.
  • Leiji Matsumoto making some comment on society and government being too lazy, too uptight, and not pursuing their dreams.

So you really don't need to watch all 113 to get it. I was able to get about 70 episodes deep before calling it a wrap. Something happens to Maetel in one episode that really interesting and puts a lot of mystery around her. The series then kinda plays with that every once in a blue moon and that's what kept me coming back and hoping to get some info on it.

As far as jumping the shark, episode 9 isn't really it I mean... but the series is about a 10 year old who machine guns robots, and rides a steam locomotive through space and regularly opens up the windows and hangs out of it to get some air... in deep space. There's an inherent level of goofiness in that and the rest of series stays at about that level.

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