More FUNi Blu-Ray On The Way: Eden of the East, Desert Punk, Etc

Topic started by gia on Feb. 27, 2010. Last post by John_Martone 4 years, 12 months ago.
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Man, how many times have I typed Blu-Ray already today? Sheesh.

 Black Cat
 Black Cat
Anyway, FUNimation has confirmed some new upcoming Blu-Ray releases via their Anime Source pamphlets-- at least tentatively, since sometimes things get mentioned that don't actually come through. That said, the definite titles are...

 Afro Samurai
 Afro Samurai
Not yet dated but still mentioned... 

I don't know about you but I am already drooling over Eden of the East on Blu-Ray. I'm guessing the Afro Samurai listing is both the TV series and the subsequent movie as one box, since both came out on Blu-Ray individually already. I'm pleasantly surprised to see Rin on the list-- presumably that means it's selling well --and I can't wait for Casshern Sins, too.

How about you guys?    What on this list might be worth shelling out for Blu-Ray?
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Rin and Eden are on my Must Have NAO list. The rest I'm just buying out of habit since I'm buying more on Blu-Ray in general.
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Sweet, been waiting for some real Anime on Blu-ray and not anime that justed been upscaled on Blu-ray.
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Note to self: Get a Blu-Ray player and then get Eden of the East
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@Miken said:
" Note to self: Get a Blu-Ray player and then get Eden of the East "
I'm halfway there!
the quality on the Rin DVDs were actually, really, really good. If I had the ability to rechoose later, I might consider the Blu-Ray, but without knowing more, I'd have to say the DVD is not a terrible alternative if it'll save you some bank.
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