FUNimation Confirms Streaming Dates for Okamisan and Blessing of the Campanella

Topic started by YuiAsakawa on Aug. 4, 2010. Last post by Catolf 4 years, 7 months ago.
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As you may have read yesterday, FUNimation announced a ton of new licenses at this year's Otakon. Among them were  Okami-san to Shichinin no Takama-tachi, or just Okamisan as it will be called here in the US, and Blessing of the Campanella. AnimeNews.Biz reports that FUNimation has confirmed that both titles will be streaming as of this week, with Okamisan coming today at noon and  Blessing of the Campanella debuting this Friday at 1 PM CST on the FUNimation Video page. Way to go for not making us wait, FUNi! Check out some trailers for the two shows below. Are you planning on watching either (or perhaps, both)?
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Nice to see FUNimation get these anime series out so fast within a week of announcing the licenses for these two shows. I might look into the Blessing of Campanella after I finish my Wiki submissions to several franchises that is keeping me preoccupied at the moment.
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I'm not planning on seeing either of these shows, but it's great to see Funi throwing out titles online so quickly. Gotta love the stream.
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It is nice to see FUNimation keep up with new anime series while they are still airing in Japan. Now if they could focus on shorting the time it will actually take to hit a DVD release date.
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Out of the 3 shows Funimation is streaming Okamisan and Strike witches 2 are the only ones I care about. 
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That's not really possible as it takes 6 months just to deal with the Japanese. Then just look at all the titles FUNi deals with...The dubbing is another time consuming factor. 

Like I said in the last article, Okamisan is fun and I like it. The lead girl is a combination of like 3 female characters of recent anime and the male lead has his own quirks to add to the strange club they work for. Shukufuku is only kind of funny and I have no idea where the story is going as it's set up like a harem but nothing is happening. I'm currently disappointed.
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This is good news. I might want to follow Okamisan and her Seven Companions. on
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@sotyfan16: Don't forget that Japan has a very odd, or some might say consumer unfriendly, way of releasing episodes on DVD / Bluray. 1 to 2 episodes per disc is, well, a discussion of a different matter. 
Also, Alas, poor Europe. Eugh.
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I might try the second just to know what the HECK is going on in that video XD
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