FUNi Simulcasts noitaminA: House of Five Leaves Starts Today!

Topic started by gia on April 15, 2010. Last post by John_Martone 4 years, 11 months ago.
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Whew, what a morning for press releases-- I just got a couple from FUNimation, and the big news is that they'll be simulcasting Fuji TV's noitaminA block! I've talked about noitaminA here before: Fuji TV airs some of the most well-regarded anime during the Friday morning timeslot, including Nodame Cantabile, Moyashimon, and Honey and Clover. So this simulcast is a really awesome deal. 
 The Tatami Galaxy
 The Tatami Galaxy

 House of Five Leaves
 House of Five Leaves
This season, the block has expanded into two shows a season rather than one, and this season consists of the anime adaptation of Natsume Ono's House of Five Leaves (Goyou Saraiya) and The Tatami Galaxy (Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei), the tale of a college senior as told by Kaiba and Mind Game director Masaaki Yuasa. I am THRILLED to have access to both of these-- and House of Five Leaves starts today! It'll be available at FUNimation's video site starting at 12:30pm CDT (so that'd be 10:30 PDT and 1:30 EDT). As for Tatami Galaxy, it's going to be my birthday present: it'll launch next week, Thursday April 22nd, at 11:45am CDT (9:45 PDT/12:45 EDT).  
You can read more about both titles in our spring 2010 anime preview, of course. 
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Cool, this is a major step in the direction simulcasting needs to be heading in.  Also its great that the really good shows that are out of Crunchyroll's reach can now start getting simulcasted.
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considering how much I hate Fnimation this is a mixed bag for me.  I am sure the House of Five Leaves particularly will be quite good though. 
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This makes me sooooo happy! I just finished watching House of Five Leaves about ten minutes ago and I was absolutely delighted. It was wonderfully refreshing and I can't wait to check it out every week. Thank you, Funimation!
I'm just sad that someone on another site pointed out that it's a streaming-only license. I hope a DVD license is obtained; only one episode in and I can already tell that I want to own this series.
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Wow, yeah, good job funimation. While House of Five Leaves is secondary to my desire for The Tatami Galaxy, I am absolutely thrilled to seem them simulcasting some of the weirder shows. Though, I really enjoyed the first episode of House of Five Leaves.
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