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I saw a post on FUNimation's Twitter that the first episode of a few series were available to download for free on iTunes so I took a look. I took advantage of obtaining Trigun and Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings. This is not the first time FUNi has released the first episode of some of its titles for free so I urge any of you who are fans of the company to keep an eye out fo such opportunities (they are in dub). Now, on to my thoughts on the first episodes of these two hit series.. 

Trigun: The $$60,000,000,000.00 Man

You can never have TOO many bullets.
You can never have TOO many bullets.

I've heard numerous good things about the series and I've meant to check it for some time now. And, well, I've become a sucker and junkie for Johnny Yong Bosch (not him of course but his voice talent). Trigun would be considered an "older" series by today's standards and it felt so to me by how Bosch sounded young and the animation. The antics and comedy certainly told the series' age as well but it was quite refreshing. I'd read that Vash the Stampede was an oddball and having seen him now I have to agree. His luck reminds me of Seina's from Tenchi Muyo GXP but he still has a knack for getting out of trouble in extravagant fashion. Speaking of fashion, Vash has a dashing style that I find very slick and definitely something I would wear if I was an outlaw. I can already see that the insurance agency girls will need constant saving. Eventually I will have to continue my viewing of the series and if I like it enough I may look to purchase the new boxset that was released last month. 

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings: Azure and Crimson, a Fateful Encounter!

Who needs rivals?!
Who needs rivals?!

I've known about this series for a little while now but really wasn't sure about watching it due to how just about all anime based on historical figures or whatever in old Japanese and Chinese periods have been very shotty in terms of stories recently. I was also spurred to check out this series because I recently played the demo for the new game. I am actually really confused as to how many armies there are competing against each other in Sengoku Basara and it was hard to catch the names as they spoke so fast (reminds me of the dubbing of foreign martial arts films way back when). From the flow of the ep I am also curious if I am to take the series seriously or not with the very exciting and funny and manly back and forth banter of Oda Nobunaga and Sanada Yukimura. The best part of the episode was of course the all-too-brief battle between Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura. The pure power they possess along with great fighting spirits and handfuls of weapons really brought out the full extent of the animation. I love the birth of great rivalries! In the end though I'm not sure if I will continue on to finish the show.

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Trigun's been in my collection for years now.  It's pretty good with some nice twists and turns toward the end.  I don't remember being entirely satisfied with how it concluded but that's not because it's incomplete.  Just a matter of how I wanted things to end and how they actually did.  Anyway, you should check it out even if it is old (by your guidelines 1998!).  
I've heard about Sengoku Basara but I've yet to see an episode.  I read someone describe it as Dragon Ball Z but set in feudal Japan.  I imagined it was something like Dynasty Warriors but in anime form.   I'm not overly eager to see this one as of today, but maybe sometime in the future.  
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