Boneheadedness v. Idiocy

Topic started by lyth on June 4, 2009. Last post by lyth 5 years, 10 months ago.
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It's like I'm laughing and crying at the same time. I mean, how in the world can a company mess up this badly? FUNimation, pull your shit together! As if leaving One Piece 403 unsecured wasn't bad enough, now you're letting us have Phantom 10 a wee bit early?

It's interesting though, Nyaatorrents decided to remove the Phantom 10 torrent not long after it was posted. I guess the guy running the public tracker chickened out, in a sense. Luckily, files that are made available on the internet spread like wildfire, so I was able to obtain a copy of it from those that were fast enough. Hooray for automated BT dumps!  Don't worry, Lance, the episode was downloaded to a TrueCrypt container, if you know what I mean!

Man, too many fans have expressed their opinions on this matter, so at this point I can only sit back and laugh at everyone still wasting their time on this topic. Even John Oppliger posted his thoughts about Toei's boneheadedness. Priceless! It's like FUNimation self-imploded by alienating one of their biggest Japanese partners (GONZO is soon to be put in a casket, I believe), and the way things stand, I wouldn't be surprised if all of this is just the beginning of the end for the R1 industry.

Some fans accused ANN of blowing the two incidents out of proportion, neglecting the fact that FUNimation is ANN's last anime-themed advertiser aside from RightStuf. Maybe FUNimation isn't that important anymore or maybe, just maybe, ANN came back to its senses after years of the American anime industry booming and is actually doing honest journalism that's miles better than what we get from the declining anime blogosphere. And I'm saying this as someone who's been very critical towards ANN's past practices. I wonder how FUNi feels about them now as they pretty much made the general fandom aware of their level of incompetence.

Seriously, how can you repeat the same mistake twice. In a way, this new interaction between pirates and distributors is introducing a unique blend of the warez scene model that the innocent pocky-framed glasses anime fan isn't used to. At least I can't believe this shit is actually happening.
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