A Day in the Life of an Events Manager's Stalker

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So, when you start going to a lot of the big anime conventions, you really start to get to know the people who handle various companies' booths and panels and stuff. FUNimation's events manager, Adam Sheehan, and I have been pals since my animeOnline days when I would demand that FUNimation license  my various favorite titles, and Adam would remind me that he goes to cons and isn't involved in acquisitions, and one or the other (or both) of us would wish we could have a stiff drink.

...Anyway, it's easy to feel a bit like a stalker when you start prowling every dealer room for the people you know, sitting right up front for industry panels, and immediately heading straight to the panelist table after said panels to chit-chat. But I don't normally get to stalk these people OUTSIDE of cons!

But Adam's made it really easy to do just that by sharing his schedule from yesterday. I thought I'd go through some of his doings. Be sure to read as I pass judgment, make fun of people, and/or speculate on various hints he may or may not actually be dropping!

  • 8:30am: “Cheers to You?” *clicks* ...Is this a joke?
  • 8:45am: I almost never post news overnight, so you can't be missing much. (That's sarcasm.)
  • 9:07am: Note to self-- do this to someone.
  • 9:15am: Large event at a fall convention, hmmm? NYAF is in late September...
  • 9:40am: Conventions do need to be a part of it. If cons stop having news, I stop getting to go!
  • 10:10am: Note to self-- ask to see this closet next time.
  • 11:53am: Which Star Wars character would be an anime fan?My personal vote is for Chewbacca; I think he'd be big on shows like Hellsing, although he'd like the TV series better, because it didn't have that poncey little werewolf boy like the OVAs/manga. I bet Jabba the Hut schills a lot of loli hentai around the galaxy too, though I don't think he watches it, given that his tastes seem to lean towards Leia and those two dancers we saw at his palace.
  • 12:15pm: Promo items! PROMO ITEMS! I get the feeling cons will be minimal on promo items this year, so looking forward to seeing what FUNimation does.
  • 3:45pm: At first I felt sorry for the interns, but then I thought of all the fun ways I could come up with to knock down a wall of boxes. You could just fling yourself at the wall and let it all tumble down around you, or you could play a really unusual game of Jenga to see how long you could keep the stack tall...
  • $20 for you, Adam!
    $20 for you, Adam!
    4:50pm: Rojas' hair is awesome, but a Shiv-bot would be awesomer.
  • 5:50pm: Adam, I would pay you $20 to break dance and put the video on the FUNimation blog. I am not kidding.
  • 6:01pm: Wait, wait, you can't go home yet-- I still don't know if that Cheers to You thing is a joke or not!

So there you go: events managers and their professional stalkers. Feel free to share your own thoughts on Adam's day here as well as at FUNi's blog, of course :)

(With apologies to Jake Richter for the Chewbacca photo and its subsequent shopping.)
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"She's my creepy stalker girl..." lol...jk,jk. Pretty cool to get to know industry reps though... wish I could go to enough conventions to reach that status.

That Cheer's to You thing, although absolutely ridiculous in terms of using it to make yourself feel better sounds kinda cool though for the whole trying to get OTHERS around you feeling better. Just be walking through the office and have a boombox and be motioning with the words the guy's saying in it, and then say like "Yeah! Believe in me who believes in you! Have a f***ing awesome day YEAH! TO THE EXTREME!!!".
But seriously...what?
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At least if someone said to me "believe in me who believes in you!" I'd know it was an anime reference. That Cheers to You CD is fuckin' atrocious.
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