FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Trailer

Topic started by MattBodega on May 11, 2010. Last post by Wales 4 years, 8 months ago.
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I am really loving how this looks.
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"Full Metal Alchemist reimagined"?
Wouldn't this technically be NOT reimagined since it follows the manga more accurately. I consider the first series Full Metal Alchemist reimagined.
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I know that FMA: Brotherhood is supposed to follow the manga more than the original FMA (2004-2006) did, but I can't seem to get into Brotherhood like I was able to get into FMA. (Perhaps it is how....different some of the character voices sound in Brotherhood?).
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I don't think it's a reimagining of FMA ether, but remember that Funi has a history of really bad and inaccurate tag lines.
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@ShadowKnight508: maybe its because brotherhood feels more rushed than the original anime, it stays true to the manga's storyline but they cut out and shorten stuff, and the first anime was good because you didn't know what to expect since it wasn't faithful to the manga
theres nothing to consider, you are 100% correct
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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood isn't rushed
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It's funny. I enjoyed the original anime a lot. The problem is that I really didn't like the way the anime ended, and the movie's end was disappointing.
It's because of that is why I have not watched a single episode of this new series. Why would I want to watch another Fullmetal Alchemist if they are just going to have another disappointing ending? It's time I could use to watch a series I enjoy or watch something new.
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Brotherhood doesn't just "more closely" follow the manga. It follows it exactly in great detail. This is how the author wanted the anime to be. The japanese version I'm watching is almost done. Episode 59.
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Reading the manga was better. Plus I think the original run was better too.
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