New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Up-- So Shinyyyyyy

Topic started by gia on Jan. 28, 2009. Last post by hazelnutman 6 years, 2 months ago.
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Yes, that Final Fantasy XIII countdown finally came to read 0, and now a new trailer for the game is up-- and Squenix is even offering it with English subtitles (just select “United Kingdom”).

It's almost entirely new footage and includes some video of battles as well as the usual CG cutscenes; even the battles look fantastic. You'll also get a little bit more sense of the story and two of the main characters, Lightning and Snow (the female lead and the blond dude).

I'm embedding a YouTube copy here, but if it doesn't have the English subs, and it could you might prefer to just hit up the official site's.

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I'm trying not to get too hyped about this yet, because it's still SO LONG until it shows up in the states.
Even still, this was a beautiful new trailer.  I was struck by how Japanese the characters looked.  The Final Fantasy VIII cast were the first to look realistic, of course, but the characters have never really felt Japanese to me.  Vaguely asian, yes, but not specifically Japanese.  That just sticks out to me in clips from FFXIII.

Also, it seemed like in a couple shots Snow was changing targets in combat.  I wonder if this game will play more like FFXII, with real-time, menu-driven combat with AI-driven allies.  Personally, I liked that style, but many of my friends were turned off by it.
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I really hated the system in FFXII-- not the real-time-ness ore the menu-driven-ness, but the AI programming part. It felt like the goal of the game was to completely remove any sort of user interactivity in battle...the characters weren't very customizable-- they were set to have stats that were geared towards specific roles and it was VERY VERY difficult to break them out of those roles --and the system was such that you could level up by just taping the analog stick forward and letting the system go overnight, if you could program your characters well -_-

Honestly, FFXII is probably my least favorite Final feels like they wanted to make a movie more than a game. We'll see what XIII is like...someday.
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Sure is purty.  :)
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looks like it might have some potential to redeem itself from XII
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I wanna know what the menu system says @_@ I do hope it's not like FFXII because most of the time I would just go eat something while the characters go fight droves of monster dudes.

I'm just happy to see some gameplay after so long.
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Trailer looks sweet.
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nice, ever since the PS2 era, I always wanted to play it with Japaneses dub. wish they add the option to select the audio.
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Whoa, Maaya Sakamoto doing her Shiki Ryougi voice for one of the main characters? That alone almost got me interested... the plot looks interesting... maybe I'll just try a demo if one pops up on PSN or XBL eventually...
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I'm importing my copy, then getting the localized version when it comes out here in North America.

Delicious Lightning <3
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