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So I recently started watching anime with the Gundam 00 series which I loved. But now I've got a problem....I really, really, really, really, want an Exia or Raiser 00 model kit. I've looked all over Amazon and done some minor research on youtube and I've came to the conclusion that these model kits look extremely hard to build. I'd like to get a Perfect Grade but they're really expensive and I don't want to get one and screw it up seeing as it would be my first time building a model so I've thought about getting a Master Grade and even they look really hard to build. So I'm looking for some advice from people who have build them before. Where do I start?????

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@danhimself36: don't know dude, but I'll bump your forum for ya

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@danhimself36: It sounds like you want less of a Gundam model kit and something more like a toy that's already built and ready to go. I know at conventions there are dealers who specialize in swag and merch but I don't know of any online places that sell these. A lot of those ones are pre-built I think, but they cost a pretty penny.

You may not want to hear this, but you might be better off going to a hobby story and buying some cheap model car/airplane kits and trying to use those as a way to step your game up on something cheap before trying a Gundam kit.

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@sickVisionz: if I could buy a Gundam toy that was the same size as a Perfect Grade with the same amount of detail and not have to sell a kidney to afford it then that would be awesome .... but I would much rather build one myself....it's just kind of intimidating to see these pics of models that people have done online and they're awesomely done with the airbrushing and all of that and know in your head that yours isn't going to look anything like that lol

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