HoiHoi-san Mini Figure Slaughters Bugs For You

Topic started by gia on March 22, 2010. Last post by JELEINEN 5 years ago.
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HoiHoi-san is a woefully underloved manga, single-episode OVA, and PS2 game about a cute little anime figure-- all chibi-like; I kind of imagine HoiHoi-san as a Nendoroid --who comes to life at night to destroy the insects that try to take refuge in her owner's home. HoiHoi-san uses everything from machine guns to combat knives, and also wears an adorable little maid outfit and rabbit ears (or a bow, I can't really tell which).

Why am I bringing this up? Because Kotobukiya is putting together a new HoiHoi-san figure-- HoiHoi-san Mini, half the size of their last kit. (Yes, this figure is also a garage kit for the time being, not a painted figure.)

But man, it's so awesome. She's poseable and comes with a whole bunch of weapons, which can be stored in the adorable little cart that she also comes with. Absolutely awesome.

 Details on the release of HoiHoi-san Mini (maybe we should call her HoiHoi-tan?) won't be released until next month in Dengeki Black Maoh, but since she's a garage kit, those details will probably matter to only the scantest few of you. Instead, let's talk about how much we want a widescale release of a painted, completed version of this figure. Or am I all alone on that?
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Unpainted this looks kind of creepy. Painted it does look like it could be adorable.
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It's a ribbon/antenna on her head.  I believe I have this on pre-order already (I think it's the same one I ordered anyway).  I'm glad all the accessories come packaged with it.  Having to buy them separately would be creepily too much like the manga.
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