Ultimate Hero: Tale of a Rider

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18 years ago

Wolfsburg, Germany

A young woman and a small child are walking the cold streets in the dead of night. They make their way to a seemingly abandoned warehouse on the edge of the city.

Woman: Come on, pick up the pace.

Child: …

They make it to the large front door. The young woman briskly knocks. There is no answer. A moment goes by and she is about to knock again when the door begins to slide open. It's completely dark inside save for moonlight peering through the windows. In front of them is a skinny man with wild hair covered in tattoos. He smiled at the two and showing the gold grills on his teeth. The young girl hid behind the woman's leg.

Howlin: Well it's about damn time you showed up Rose. I was about to call off this whole deal. And whats that brat doing here.

Rose: I told you that if I help you, my sister comes with me.

Howlin: Fine, but she better not get in our way or your both out of here!

Rose: I understand, she won't.

Howlin: Good, so now I guess its time for you to meet everyone.

The man walked to a wall and pushed a button. The lights came on illuminating the warehouse. Dozens of gangsters could be seen from all stories of the building. There were also several air bikes parked on the base floor.

Girl: Sis, I'm scared.

Rose: It's alright, Lisa.

Howlin: This is the chick I told you guys about, Rose.

The some of the mob grumbled in discontent while others laughed.

Howlin: Shut the hell up! She pretty friggin good at tuning up air bikes. Almost as good as she is at riding them. She might just look like a pretty face now but once she gets out there, she becomes some sort of street demon. It's insane.

Gangster: Hey Howlin, do we also get to have fun with her too?

Howlin: Hell no you pervert! She's my girl! Touch her and I'll slice you open!

Lisa pulled on her sister's coat.

Lisa: I don't like it here. I wanna go home.

Rose: We can't right now. We have stay here for a little while, ok?

Lisa: Nooo! Rose please! Let's go!

Rose: I'm sorry. I wish we could but there's nothing to go home to. This is all we've got.

Lisa sadly looked down at the ground sniffling.

Rose: Hey, don't worry. Your big sis is gonna make everything alright. We'll be here for just a little while and then we'll leave this city and go someplace fun!

Lisa slowly looked up again and smiled a little bit. Rose smiled back.

Holwin: That's enough talking. It's late and all but I would suggest you get to work on our bikes now. We were gonna hit a bunch of stores in town day after tomorrow. Do a really good job and I might even give you more money than I promised.

Rose: Fine. Lisa, get some sleep.

14 years later

A large number of police vehicles raced through the streets. They were viciously chasing a small group of women on air bikes, each carrying a large shoulder bag.

Haley: We can't shake em'! Are they always this pesky?

Shiver: Yeah, I thought you said this was gonna be a breeze!

Lisa: If you think this is rough, you wouldn't have lasted a minute back when our bikes were still s**t.

The cop cars were slowly gaining on the group. Lisa looked back and saw one of the cops readying a gun.

Lisa: Split up! I'll see you back at the hideout if you make it!

The bikers all broke apart and made their way down different streets. Some cars broke off as well to give chase. Lisa still had 3 tailing her.

Lisa: Alright, time to party.

Lisa reached into her bag and pulled out a coiled up chain with an ingot on the end. One of the officers pulled up close to her and tried to cut her off but Lisa promptly slowed down and then pulled around him. Another car pulled up next to her and the first made its way back. The two had her sandwiched in and were pulling closer together. But Lisa quickly uncoiled the chain and started swinging it around, gradually increasing the radius. The car windows that it hit shattered and the pulled away. Lisa kept the chain swinging and then launched the end at the car to her left. It flew through the window and hit the officer in the head. He fell unconscious and careened off the road. Lisa then sped up and made a sharp left turn. The remaining 2 cars pulled around the corner and continued pursuit. Lisa opened up a panel on the bike and hit a button. Blue fire shot out of the muffler on her bike and she sped up immensely. But and officer in the car behind her leaned out of his window and shot at her. The bike was hit and was smoking heavily. She jumped off and tumbled onto the sidewalk. The cars were approaching quickly. Lisa looked around and spotted a bicycle tied to a nearby railing.

Lisa: Ugh, this is gonna suck.

She ran over, pulled out a gun and shot the lock off. She got on a bike and started pedaling away. The police were gaining on her extremely quickly. But she made a hairpin turn down an alleyway and made her way through it. The she had lost the police for a moment but they had her in their sights once again. She made her way to the city park and rushed down the main path. The police pulled into the park after her. The officer tried to shoot at her once again. However, this time, she reached in her bag, grabbed a metal pipe, and threw it behind her at the officer. The pipe fractured the cop's arm and he dropped the gun. Lisa was coming to an extremely steep hill. As she descended, her speed increased. The cars were right behind her and were about to catch up. Lisa uncoiled the chain again but this time, she swung it at a nearby lamp post. It wrapped around the pole stuck. Lisa held on tight as her speed combined with the chain yanked her and the bike off the path in an instant. She was in the air for a moment and flew off into the darkness. The cars pulled after her but had completely lost sight of her. The chase was over. On the outskirts of the city, Lisa up to a warehouse on a bicycle. She knocked on the door. But after no answer, she pushed the door open herself. Inside, it was completely empty save for two men.

Lekhram: Welcome home princess!

Lisa: What the... how'd you get in here?

Palmer: You're the fabled street demon I take it. I could hardly believe it when I got the report. One person evading a police force on an old fashioned bicycle.

Lisa: Well the friggin cops trashed my air bike. What did you expect me to do?

Palmer: Granted.

Lisa pulled out a gun and pointed it at Palmer.

Lisa: So you wanna tell me who the hell you are?

Lekhram: Ooo, trigger happy. I like her.

Palmer: We are operatives from the federation. We were dispatched to arrest the air bike gang that's been plaguing this city. The other members have been arrested. Normally you would be too, but I'd like to give you the option of a sort of community service.

Lisa: And give me one good reason why I shouldn't paint the walls right now.

Palmer: Because what I have to offer has exponentially higher potential than your current lifestyle.

Lisa: Hmm, thanks but no thanks. I'll be alright. So why don't you and your pal go f**k yourselves?

Lekhram: We would but we have paperwork to do after this.

Lisa: Just get the hell out, now!

Lisa was alternating her gun between the two agents. Palmer and Lekhram put their hands above their heads. But in one quick motion Lekhram reached down, grabbed his gun and shot at Lisa before she could react. The bullet hit her gun and knocked it out of her hand.

Lekhram: Oh no, too slow!

Palmer: So as you can see your options are extremely limited at the moment. So what's your choice?

Lisa looked around the empty hideout. After a moment she dropped the shoulder bag she was carrying.

Lisa: Tch, whatever...


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Wow, this one was really sad actually. Imagine if she had left the city before?

Lol Lekhram reminds me of deadpool.

It is really impressive of her running away from cops with an old bike.So I take itshe learned everything from her sista.

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