Ultimate Hero: Tale of a Hacker

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13 years ago

Kingston, Jamaica

A man works on a computer in his home office as the heat of day blazes outside. Various blueprints and data reports fill the screen. The man is feverishly working through it. A young boy sat behind him, watching him work.

Boy: Dad! I'm bored! Take me to the beach today!

Man: Sorry son, but I can't. I have a lot of work to do at the moment.

Boy: Aww!

The boy ran two the living room and dove into the couch. The boys mother came into the house.

Mother: Hey Sean. What are you doing here. It's so nice outside! I thought you'd be out playing.

Sean: I wanted Dad to take me to the beach today but he's busy. He's always working now.

Mother: Your father has a very important job. Right now, he's making sure that the Federation satellites are working properly.

Sean: Sounds lame!

Mother: It might sound lame it's very important. There are some other countries that are making trouble and the Federation needs to be ready for anything. Your father is helping to keep us safe!

Sean: I wish they'd all just die and stop making dad have to work so much.

Mother: Sean! You can't say things like that! Those are people, just like you and me. We have to solve this peacefully if we can.

Sean: …

Mother: Come on. Go play with your friends!

Sean: Now, I don't wanna!

Mother: Don't be so stubborn!

Sean stalked off into his bedroom and took a nap. Night fell and the boy came back out to the living room and turned on the family computer. Stories about missile threats from eastern European countries filled the news. Sean grabbed his notebook and a pencil and wrote down every country he heard. Soon after Sean turned off the computer, and snuck into his father's office. He found the laptop still plugged in and turned it on. He remembered the various things he had seen his father do over the years clearly. The boy bypassed the device's security and made his way into the satellite's systems. He used it to peek into the Federation's database and saw that they had missiles on standby. Sean got up, ran into his parent's room and grabbed a flashdrive with clearance codes that his father kept in his briefcase. He he plugged it into the laptop and then proceeded to shut out the manual controls and arm the weapons. Back at the base, military personnel were baffled. All of their attempts to disarm were in vain. Sean finally plugged in the coordinates and gave the command to fire. A dozen warheads left the base and hurtled toward their targets. The boy smiled and then went off to bed. The next morning, he woke up to dismayed screaming from the living room. Sean ran out to investigate.

Father: I don't know! No one would have given the authorization for an attack like that. It must have been a hacker somewhere.

Mother: I don't understand. Who would be able to lock the Federation out of their own weapons systems.

Sean: I took care of it for you dad!

Father: Not now, son!

Sean: But the whole missile thing was my idea.

Father: What did you say?

Sean: I used your stuff to blow up all the bad guys so you don't have to work so much any more!

Everyone was silent for a moment.

Father: Sean, did you touch my laptop last night?

Sean: Yeah! I took care of everything!

The man slapped his son across the face.

Father: Do you know what you've done?!?! We're in a state of war right now!!!

Sean: But dad...

Father: Oh god, oh god! If he used my equipment then... Martha, take Sean and leave from here NOW! They'll be coming for me once they trace this back! That could be at any moment!

Mother: No, what about you!

Father: I'll take whatever punishment there is. It's all I can do.

Mother: Wait, Dean!

Father: There's no time! Just go! I love you both.

The man walked over and hugged his family.

Sean: Dad...

Martha grabbed Sean by the hand and ran with him out of the front door. She got in the car, and pulled off quickly. In a minute, they saw a number of military vehicles rush past, heading directly for their house. The woman was in tears as she drove away. Sean sat quietly, unable to understand anything that was going on.

12 years later

Lime Cay, Jamaica

On a small island just off of the mainland, a helicopter landed on the beach. Sand flew everywhere until the propellers stopped. 4 people got out.

Harding: Wow, this place is really pretty!

Lekhram: Yeah, I just might take my next vacation here.

Palmer: Alright, the coordinates we received put it just over that way.

The 4 walked a short distance until they reached a clearing among some trees.

Palmer: This is it.

Lekhram: Um, you sure about that.

Palmer: Positive.

Heiwajima walked into the clearing with his hand out. He kept walking until his hand touched something invisible.

Heiwajima: It's a hologram. Someone is trying to hide this building.

Harding: I've heard about tech like that but I've never seen one of these before. It's amazing. You really can't see anything.

Lekhram: I think I found a door over here.

Palmer: We're going in, everybody get ready!

Palmer kicked in the door and a gate way appeared out of thin air. The 4 ran in with guns at the ready to find a single person inside playing a video game on the television. The man looked at the intruders for a moment and then went back to his game.

Man: That door was open you know.

Palmer: Are you Sean, son of Dean Anderson?

Sean: Last time I checked, yeah.

Palmer: We've been searching for you for the past few years. You have knowledge of classified Federation data and we would like to either put it to use or take it from you.

Sean: I don't know anything...

Palmer: They found your finger prints on your fathers equipment. We always knew that you had something to do with that missile strike. They have always wanted to know how a child commits mass genocide.

Sean: Sorry, not interested.

Heiwajima: We could also bring you up on illegal tech charges. Civilians aren't allowed to purchase large scale holo projectors.

Sean: I didn't buy them from anybody. I made them.

Harding: Either way, it's still a violation and we could take you in for it.

Lekhram: Unless your willing to stop being a prick and cooperate.

Sean:... (sigh) Can I at least save my game first?

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Damn this dude is so apathetic lol. He kinda reminds me of me a little. This dude has great knowledge lol. I can't wait to see more of him and the rest.

Really beautiful stories dude! Amazing job!

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@DBZ_universe: Oh, you read them all already lol Again, thanks a ton for reading!

So yeah, Lisa learned a lot about vehicles from her sis before she died and then kinda took over

Steve is like their stealth and espionage guy. Lol, he would be good friends with Ibuki

And yeah Sean isn't interested in much. And if you're like him, that makes you one of the most chill people on the planet lol

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@UltimateHero0406: No problem dude!

Her sis died! Pretty sad.

Fried? More like bf and gf lol. He would be the perfect guy Ibuki is so desperatly looking for lol.

Yeah I am pretty much like that lol.

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@DBZ_universe: Yeah, her sis got killed before they had enough money to leave. But the gang leader took care of her since he actually fell in love with Rose.

Lol, ninja wedding!

Overall, I feel like these will set up the coming chapter well. Ch. 13: Raid on Heaven is coming in a couple weeks.

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Damn that's harsh.

All the ninjas will show up.

Sounds fun! Can't wait.

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