Ultimate Hero: Tale of a Gunman

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15 years ago

Georgetown, Guyana

Military encampments overran the city. Soldiers walked the streets with semi-automatic weapons in plain sight. Bullet holes and sometimes dead bodies could be seen lining the streets. Four soldiers were walking down a street talking and laughing. When they got to the corner, one soldier threw an empty beer bottle into a messy pile of trash.

Lekhram: Ow!!! Hey, watch it!

The soldiers looked back to find a boy nestled among the garbage.

Soldier 1: Oh, it's just a kid. Hey, don't you belong in school?

Soldier 2: Does this little rat look like he goes to school?

Soldier 3: He probably can't even spell his name.

Soldier 4: That is, if he has one, hahaha!

The 4 men walked away laughing. The boy gritted his teeth. He picked up the beer bottle and hurled it back at the one who threw it as hard as he could. It hit him square in the back of the head and broke. The man turned around angrily and ran back. Lekhram scrambled out of the pile and ran the other way.

Lekhram: Crap!!!

He looked back to see all four soldiers running after him.

Soldiers: Hey! Stop! Get back here you little turd!!!

They were quickly gaining on him. He turned into an alley way and climbed up a nearby fire escape. The men were still following below. He jumped from one fire escape platform to the other until he reached the end of the alley. There was a large metal fence surrounding a small military campsite.

Soldier 2: He's stuck, we got him!

Lekhram stopped for a second, got a running start, and jumped from the fire escape, over the fence and tumbled upon hitting the ground on the other side.

Soldier 1: No way! No human could make a jump like that!

Lekhram: Ow, my butt!

He got up and started running again. He found a open shed nearby and ran inside. He locked the door behind him. Inside, there were loaded weapons carelessly thrown about. All of the sudden, there was a loud bang on the door.

Soldier 4: He locked it! I'll break it down!

Soldier 2: What are we gonna do with him?

Soldier 3: We're gonna sell him of course. They pay big money for healthy brats like him.

Soldier 1: Yeah, I bet that Brijall guy will want him. That freak will probably have some fun with him and then sell him for parts.

Soldier 2: Yikes, sucks for him.

Lekhram was listening to the conversation. He had retreated into the very back of the shed and slumped down. His heart was racing faster than ever before and his stomach was churning. He was crying heavily.

Lekhram: I'm gonna die... I'm gonna die... I'm gonna die...Nonono, I don't wanna die!

He looked beside him and saw a semi-automatic weapon. He slowly stood up and carefully picked it up. He took off the safety like he had seen them do so many times before and pointed the gun at the door. His hands were shaking and he could barely hold the heavy weaponry. The door finally opened and the men ran in.

Soldier 1: Alright, come here you little... GET BACK HE'S GOT A GUN!!!

Lekhram pulled the trigger and a flurry of bullets came flying out. The recoil pressed him up against the wall. The men were being torn apart and blood was splattering everywhere. Lekhram was screaming with tears pouring from his face. When the round was finished, the gun stopped. Lekhram dropped the weapon, paused for a while, looking at what he had done, and then ran out of shed, leaving a trail of bloody footprints.

10 years later

Amazon Jungle, Peru

An extraordinarily lavish mansion is nestled in the jungle. A multitude of luxurious vehicles sit parked outside. Inside, hundreds of high society people are attending a party. On the top floor, a large dining room contains a long dinner table which seats the Vip members of the event.

Brijall: What can I say, I saw the opportunity and I took it. Never regretted it a day in my life, hohohohoho.

Noble: None of us blame you. Those kids were doing nothing but collecting dirt in the street. At least this way, they made someone's life better, hehe.

The rest of the people at the lighly chuckled.

???: Berserker unit, do you copy?

???: Roger, we're all in position.

???: Take em out. No one lives.

???: Right.

Outside of the large windows, nothing could be seen through the pitch darkness. The music was blaring downstairs. All of the sudden, several masked soldiers dressed in all black gear crashed through the windows in every room. They took out large extremely several sub machine guns started to fire. They mowed down dozens of party goers per second. Many escaped the main foyer and made a mad dash toward the back exit. However, as soon an the reached it more soldiers kicked it down and entered the estate. They pulled out large daggers and started butchering everyone in sight. Blood sprayed everywhere stained the white interior. Upstairs, the people at the dinner table were still blissfully unaware of what was taking place downstairs. Finally, a lone masked soldier crashed through the window and landed on the table in front of Brijall. He stared in disbelief. The soldier pulled out two hand guns and pointed them out to each side. He fired the guns simultaneously, each bullet hitting a different party guest square in the forehead. When both guns finally reached Brijall, the soldier pulled both triggers but the ammo had run out. Brijall looked almost amused for a moment. The assassin dropped both of his guns on the table and pulled out an elephant magnum.

Brijall: No, please!

The attacker pulled the trigger and Brijall's head exploded. The soldier got off the table pulled off his head gear. He pull out his communicator.

Lekhram: Headshot to base, targets eliminated. Base, do you copy? Berserker unit, what's your status? Berserker unit do you copy? What the hell?

Lekhram made his way down to the foyer to find the rest of his unit on the ground unconscious. There was a single man in the center of the room. He turned to face Lekhram. Lekhram quickly raised his gun.

Palmer: So you're the last one, huh? Your very talented. I've heard about many of your past exploits.

Lekhram: Who are you and what happened here?

Palmer: I'm with the federation and I've been dispatched to end your team's slaughter.

Lekhram: Taking out these guys didn't do squat. We have an entire base full of operatives.

Palmer: I'm aware. That's why the Federation sent our forces there and took down the rest. They are probably being arrested as I speak. Your militia has been terminated.

Lekhram: No way! That's not possible.

Palmer: So as of this moment, you seem to be an unaffiliated man. Meaning we have no reason to fight. So I'm leaving.

Lekhram kept his gun pointed at Palmer.

Lekhram: Oh yeah, well what if I just don't like your face?

Palmer: I can tell you don't like to kill needlessly, which is why on missions, you only take out war criminals and the like and leave everyone else to your team.

Lekhram: You don't know squat about me.

Palmer: … Maybe I don't...

Outside, a large vehicle could be heard landing. Palmer started to walk away.

Palmer: But if you'd like to enlighten me, your more than welcome.



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So I've been wanting to do these stories for a while. So this is what I've been working on for the last couple weeks. Enjoy!

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@UltimateHero0406: JAJA Sorry it took me a while to read em buddy. as I said busy schedule.

It is really amazing. tho I used a different theme to it and it fit great IMO since it was a tale of guns.

Overall the story is really deep and amazing. I really loved the prequel story of Lekhram. now to read the rest of them awesome novels!

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@DBZ_universe: Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it!

Lol yeah a Trigun theme is also a great fit. I love it!

I hope the rest please you as well!

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@UltimateHero0406: Hellz yeah dude! All of the, were amazing.

You are welcome! It is always fun to read your work! I swear, I always picture everything in my mind. Is really awesome to see this as an anime.

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