Ultimate Hero Episode 9: The Distance Too Great For Voices

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Episode 8:


Matt was at a loss for words. Firo stood still, bathed in violet flames and the light of the eruption behind him.

Firo: Haha, I heard you've fought some pretty nasty stuff in your time. Well now, you're about to add a god to that list.

Matt: That's bull, you're not...

Firo: OH AREN'T I?

Firo levitated off the ground. His flames began to swirl violently around him like a hurricane. All sorts of debris was being drawn to him and then disintegrating as it hit his flames. Matt quickly backed up.

Firo: Don't you run from me!

Firo jutted out his claw and a giant, Identical one made of fire shot out from the hurricane. Matt narrowly dodged it and continued to retreat. It viciously came after him, eating up everything in it's path. Matt was about to take off into the air when he saw Firo behind him at the last second. Firo reached for Matt. But there was a flash of light and Matt was gone. He reappeared in the air above Firo. Matt looked down and noticed that a chunk of his armor around his midsection was missing and he was bleeding slightly.

Ultiman: Shoot. That actually hurt.

Firo: Hehe, you're an annoying bastard, you know that?

Ultiman: Look who's talking you damn cheater!

Firo: Whatever. Just remember that you brought this on yourself by tracking me down.

Ultiman: I had to. I couldn't let a lunatic like you keep running free. Plus, I already said I was gonna bring you back to earth.

Firo: Like I'd let you do that.

Ultiman: I said I was going to and that's that. Deal with it pal.

Firo: Fine, we'll do this the hard way. Or should I say the fun way? Hehehe.

Ultiman: Fun huh? Well hows this?

Matt held out his hands at Firo.

Ultiman: Time Freeze!!!

All the color in the area inverted. However, the violet flames around Firo kept roaring just the same. After a moment, the began to blaze more strongly and the time field shattered.

Firo: What the hell was that? Weak sauce bro.

Ultiman: Damn, worth a shot. Alright, looks like I'll have to take the more direct method.

Matt clapped his hands together and light erupted from between them.

Ultiman: Transfer System: Proton Blade!

Matt pulled his hands apart and the sword appeared. He grabbed it and took his stance in midair. Firo calmly grinned at him. Matt sped toward Firo who stood perfectly still. Matt thrusted the blade into Firo's chest but the flames stopped it like a force field. Firo started to chuckle. Matt was silent.

Firo: Didn't I tell you? You can't...

Firo went silent when he saw the tip of the blade start to inch toward toward him through the barrier. He immediately dashed away from Matt.

Ultiman: What's the matter? Scared now that your little trick can't help you anymore?

Firo: What is that thing? And how did it pass through my dimension armor?

Ultiman: I thought at first that your armor was gonna be tough to beat. But when I thought about it, the answer came to me. I figured that regardless of what it does, that thing had to be made the same kind of energy that I use. And luckily, my pal Proton Blade here can manipulate and absorb said energy incredibly well. All I had to do was push a bit and it worked.

Firo: That's not possible. My dimension armor can't be penetrated by anything! Within these flames, my will is absolute!!!

Ultiman: Tsk tsk. Someone hasn't been doing their homework. I found out a long time ago that when two masses of this energy collide, they cancel each other out. Your armor and my blade where just about overflowing with it. It was a shaky concept but it seems to have worked.

Firo: Hmm, looks like your not the same stupid kid you used to be. However, you still can't win. Just because you may be able to get past my armor, that doesn't mean i'll let you. I still have infinitely greater versatility than your little toy.

Ultiman: Let's find out!

Matt lunged at Firo once again and swung. Firo dodged and tried to touch Matt's face. He blocked with the sword and continued his assault. They both unleashed a flurry of evenly matched attacks. Violet fire and light trails from the blade flew in every direction and the ground cracked with every strike. Matt finally grabbed the handle with both hands. The blade grew greatly in size and he lifted it over his head.

Ultiman: This is over!!!

Firo: Hmph...

Matt brought the buster sword down on Firo. It stopped for a split second once it hit the armor and then passed through to hit Firo's body. However, it passed right through as if he wasn't there. Matt stopped and starred. Firo looked back into Matt's eyes with his signature insane look.

Firo: You seem to have forgotten that I control everything in here. This includes matter density and molecular bonding. And to top it off, I'll be taking the power inside that pretty knife you have there.

As Firo said this, the blue light from the blade dissipated and the blade itself turned to sand. Matt looked down at his empty hilt for a moment and then back to Firo.

Firo: Let's play with kinetic energy now, shall we?

Firo slowly placed his palm on Matt's chest and gently pushed upward. Matt was about to say something when Firo spoke over him.

Firo: Later, loser.

All of the sudden, Matt flew straight up at insane speed.

He soared through the gassy red atmosphere and clear out of orbit. He kept flying until he hit the surface of the planet's moon.

Matt lay on the surface of the moon for a moment. Shortly after, he got up holding his chest and looked back at the planet. He could clearly see the hole he left in the clouds.

Ultiman: You mother...

Back on the planet Firo looked up at the sky with a satisfied look on his face.

Firo: This blue stuff I absorbed tastes like crap. I think I'll give it back.

He then raised his hand toward the moon and pointed his index finger like a gun.

Firo: ... bang...

An enormous blue beam shot from his finger and flew toward the moon. Matt spotted it coming and got out of the area just in time.

Firo: Bang...

Matt was running across the surface at high speed. He saw another

coming his way.

Firo: Bang... Bang... Bang, BANG, BANGBANGBANG!!!

He was approaching the dark side when he saw more more and more beams coming, each taking chunks of the surface with it. Countless trenches formed and mountains came down one by one. The tip of Firo's finger built up energy for a moment and then released. Matt was still running, approaching the daytime side when he saw a blue beam shoot up from the ground on his side. The moon finally erupted magma from both sides and exploded. Matt was a great distance away watching the debris drift apart. He grit his teeth and then took off back to the planet. He found Firo and flew directly at him. Firo reached up with both hands and sent two giant flame claws at him. Matt put his hands together and created a mass of blue energy. He dove directly into the claws, using the energy as a shield. He managed to push past the claws and made it to Firo.

Firo: What are you gonna do? With your little blade, gone your helpless. My armor...

Ultiman: LIKE HELL! Weren't you paying attention? I said I've already got your LITTLE TRICK BEAT!

Matt created smaller energy balls with each of his hands. He stretched out his arms to either side and clapped them together on Firo's head. The energies reacted violently and exploded almost instantly.

Everything in the area was gone. The ground was smoking and there were fires scattered around. Both Matt and Firo were smoking. Matt was standing over Firo who was on the ground, slightly dazed. The dimension armor was gone.

Firo: You think that was enough to stop me? I barely felt it. Plus, I can just make it again. No matter what you do, it's pointless.

Ultiman: Well let's try this, and then tell me it's pointless.

Matt pulled out the hilt of his Proton Blade. Firo had a puzzled look. Matt gripped the handle tightly. Energy shot out of the hilt and took the form of a katana.

Firo: Nooo!

Firo reached out his right hand and tried to fire a blast of energy at Matt. But without hesitation, Matt swung the sword and slashed his arm off.

Ultiman: No Firo. I'm not playing this game with you anymore.

Firo looked completely caught off guard. He looked at his severed arm in disbelief for a moment before screaming and writhing in pain. Matt then turned the sword upside down and plunged the blade through his stomach, pinning Firo to the ground with the sword. As it ran deep into the ground, it seared Firo's flesh who screamed even louder.


Ultiman: Hmm, that's nice. Now stream!

As he said this, a beam of violet energy shot out of the back of the sword and into the sky. Firo stopped squirming and started to feel weak.

Firo: What is this? What are you doing to me?

Ultiman: I'm draining all of your energy. This is the fastest way to get rid of all of it. You won't be able to move for a while but after I get you back to Earth you'll be fine. It's like I said, this fight is over.

Matt kneeled down beside Firo and took off his helmet. He had a sad expression on his face.

Matt: Firo... I'm sorry that this all had to happen. A day hasn't gone by where I didn't regret letting this happen to you. With thus power I could have done something. Anything. I was your friend, and I let you go through so much. Forgive me!

Firo stared at Matt blankly for a moment. He then broke out into insane laughter.

Firo: Forgive. Ahaha! You and I both know *cough* that we are far past the point of forgiveness.

Matt: Then, we'll face our sins together!

Matt gave Firo a warm smile, the first one he'd seen in a long time. He grinned back.

Firo: Heh, that's just like you to say. Looks like you actually haven't changed at all. But sadly, I'm not finished yet, so I won't be taking your offer. Sorry old friend...

Firo's severed arm started squirming. It turned toward Matt and pointed one finger at him. A beam of violet energy shot out at Matt's head. He saw it at the last second and managed to move his head out of the way, though the beam grazed his cheek and left a cut. Matt got up and shot an energy blast at the hand. As he did this, Firo managed to reach up and grab the sword holding him down. The handle burned his hand but Firo's grip didn't loosen. He pulled the blade out of the ground and got up. Matt saw him but it was too late. Firo slashed Matt deeply across the chest. The armor on his torso along with the limiter seals fell to the ground.

Firo: And with that, I've won. That's right, I know how you operate. This suit is the conduit through which you use pretty much all of you powers. And these seals limit and control how much you use, allowing you to control it. But without it, you won't be able to harness any of it, leaving you powerless.

Matt: ...........man ... you're such a FRIGGIN DUMBASS!!!!

Matt was infuriated. He grabbed the sword by the blade and the entire thing shattered. He then grit his teeth, leaned back, and then came back forward with a brutal headbutt. The impact left the two in a large crater. Firo retreated holding his forehead. Matt walked out of the crater, overflowing in blue energy. The remainder of his armor was falling off and the ground under him cracked with each step.

Firo: But how...

Matt: You got some of it right. My suit does allow me to use my more complex powers. It's a supercomputer that takes the energy I give it, and applies it however I want. And yeah, my limiters let me control the energy more carefully. However, breaking them didn't do you any favors. It's not that I can't use my energy now. I just can't control it at all. So all you've done ... is make it impossible for me to hold back anymore.

Episode 10: http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/ultimate-hero-episode-10-chaos/343535/

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@UltimateHero0406: Very amazing! I was imagining everything, and with an epic song I was listening along as well made it even beyond badass! I really loved how you detailed everything in the fight! I find it very impressive that the suit is a restrainer to Matt.

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@DBZ_universe: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I've been really wanting to do this bit for a while. And wow, that's cool! I have to try doing that sometime lol. If I can get this thing animated, I could think of some great tracks for it! And yeah, it's about to be on like Donkey Kong lol

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@UltimateHero0406: If your Novel was to be animated it would be famous. I would see people using Matt or Firo in the battle forum all the time lol.

Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,055 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@DBZ_universe: Lol, yeah. These are the type of characters to get used to death. But I want to see your series animated. That would be too insane!

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@UltimateHero0406: Firo would be the most IMO

even tho I have mine in my mind I belief it would take a lomg time to write it....and don't think I have patience for that lol.

I am barely doing a bioof a character lol

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@DBZ_universe: Aww :( lol Well either way I know you could make it incredible.

And I could only imagine the visuals for it. Or imagine 3D!!!

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@UltimateHero0406: Well this fight would be awesome in 3D!

Well I will tell you who is the 3rd most powerful being in my series and it's abilities. Tho I am sure I told you before about it...I also told AnimeDefender about it like over a month and another user like 3 months ago.

Creator God Of All The Existences

He is the creator of everything. All fiction, non fiction and even the creator of your characters since he is the embodiment of everything including your mind therefor anything you think is because he allows it. He is beyond the word Omnipotent, Omnoscient, Omnipresent ect...

He can defeat anyone by his presence ignoring the other characters abilities.

TOAA, Presence, Kami Tenchi and Bugs are a particle of dust while he is all the Omniverse.....that is how far they are in power lol

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@DBZ_universe: Awesome sauce! Well you could still create a character design. There are millions of sites where you can design characters. So it'll be ready for you whenever you decide you want to write. Plus, it's just fun!

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@UltimateHero0406: Very cool I loved the little cliffhanger at the end. Makes me want re-write some of my old fan-fics I had when I first started RPG'ing.

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@UltimateHero0406: Really! what are those sites? I wanna create my favorite character in my series! Kusanagi Uni! (don't know where Uni came from but it came to me lol)

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@DBZ_universe: Well the one I use is Heromachine 3. But if you google free character creator sites, your gonna find a bunch. And I love characters with strange names, one of my favorites being Howling Star from a show I watched a while ago. One of my characters is named Rainer Dragon lol. Echiro Oda and Kubo just go wild when they do it lol.

@Sonata: Thanks for reading! And cool. If you started writing, we could possibly revitalize this forum lol

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@UltimateHero0406: Thank you!

Yes weird names always are cool!

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@DBZ_universe: No problem!

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