Ultimate Hero Episode 5: Memories

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Episode 4:


It was a cloudy day in Haven City. A well-dressed 10 year old boy was strolling through the gardens looking fondly at an expensive looking pocketwatch. While he wasn't paying attention, two other kids had surrounded him. Before the younger boy could say anything, one of the boys pushed him over and the other one snatched the watch from the ground. They were both laughing with cruel smiles on their faces.

Bully #1: Whoa! This looks fancy.

Bully #2: Look at those gems! I wonder how much it's worth.

Child: Hey, give that back!

The boy got up off the ground and tried to reach for the watch but the bully held it away from him and the other pushed him down again. The boy looked like he was about to cry.

Bully #2: Aww, what's the matter?

Bully #1: I think it's really important to him.

Bully #2: Oh, well don't worry, we just wanna see it. We'll give it right back, hahahaha!

The two bullies turned around and were about to walk away. But as they turned around, there was another boy standing behind them. He was kind of dirty as if he had been rolling around on the ground and in need of a haircut.

Bully #1: Hmm, who the hell are you?

Bully #2: Ugh, he looks gross. You some kind of hick or somethin?

Without saying anything, the boy punched one of the bullies on the face. He squealed a little bit and dropped the pocketwatch. The other bully ran over and punched the boy in the face. He fell over, but quickly got up again and punched back. The other bully got up and ranover to join the fight. While the child was fighting one bully, the other came and punched him in the stomach. He kept fighting. The other child was still on the ground, watching this mystery boy fight. The scrap went on for a few more minutes. The two bullies were tuckered out and bruised up, laying on the ground and breathing heavily. The boy was on the ground too, but he quickly got up again. His face was bruised and he had scrapes on his arms and legs. However, he calmly walked over to where the pocketwatch was and picked it up. The two bullies got up as well. They looked at the mystery boy with scorn and then limped away. The boy turned his attention to the child who was on the ground and slowly walked over to him.

Child: AH! Thank you so...

Before he could finish, the boy held out his hand, as if he was expecting something.

Child: Umm...

Boy : That'll be fifty bucks.

Child: What?

Boy: I helped you so now you owe me fifty bucks, dumbass!

Child: But... I don't have any money.

Boy: Well pay up or I'm keepin' this thing.

Child: No! I need that! I... I...

The child started to tear up and cry again. The boy looked surprised for a second and then looked a little ashamed.

Boy: Alright, alright, just stop, jeez. Here.

He held out the watch to the crying child with a dissapointed look on his face. The child stopped crying and looked up, still sniffling.

Child: But, I don't have...

Boy: It's fine, just take it... It's yours right?

The child wiped the tears from his face and grabbed the watch. He looked at it for a second and then smiled.

Child: Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Boy: Yeah, whatever... That fight was kinda fun anyway, hehe!

At that moment, it started to rain heavily. The two boys ran out of the gardens to a nearby playground and hid under the slide. As they waited for the rain to stop, they began talking.

Boy: That's a pretty flashy watch.

Child: My father gave it to me. He's a general in the Federation's fleet. He left on an important mission not too long ago. But before he left he gave me this and said to keep it safe for him. I didn't do a very good job did I...

Boy: Yeah, you didn't...

Child: But, the way you stood up to those boys and got it back. Your like a hero!

Boy: A hero?

Child: Yeah, someone who stands up to danger with no fear and fights off all the bad guys in the name of justice!

The boy had a puzzled look on his dirty face for a moment. But it quickly changed back to his normal, uncaring expression.

Boy: Tch! That's stupid. Where's the pay in that?

Both boys were silent for a moment. Then, the child spoke.

Child: My name is Firo. What's yours?

Boy: It's Matt.

Firo: It's nice to meet you Matt!

Matt: Uhh, sure...

9 years later

7:33 AM

Matt was fast asleep in his bed. His phone started to ring loudly and vibrate. He ignored it and rolled over. It stopped but a moment later, started to ring again. He ignored it again. The phone stopped just to begin ringing again. Matt let out a grunt and rolled back over to answer his phone.

Matt: ... hullo?


Matt: The... wha... !!!! CRAP!!! I forgot! I'll be right over!! Stall them for me!

Firo: Wait! I...

Matt hung up and sprang out of bed. He took off his t shirt and boxers and ran to the bathroom to shower. After about a minute or so, he jumped out of the shower and without even grabbing a towel, ran to the kitchen and threw some frozen burritos in the insta-cook microwave. He ran back to his bedroom, slipping a little while running due to the water on him. He pulled on his uniform quickly and ran back out to the kitchen to grab his perfecly cooked burritos and ran out the front door only to run back in, grab his phone, and run back out.

Federation Academy Orientation

Firo was talking with a group of Federation higher ups.

Official #1: Ohoho! Young Firo, you certainly are your father's son. Now where is this other lad you were telling us about, Matthew was it?

Firo: He, uhhh

At that moment, Matt showed up in almost a full sprint.

Matt: Hello, it's very nice to meet all of you!

He smiled politely and shook hands with all of the officials. Firo whispered in Matt's ear.

Firo: What happened to you? You were supposed to be here almost a half hour ago. I bet you overslept, didn't you?

Matt: Hehe, you know me. I need my beauty sleep.

Firo: Of course you did. I shouldn't have expected much more of you.

Matt: Hey man, that was a wild party we went to last night. I don't know how you got up so early.

Firo: Ugh, dude, your breath reeks!

Matt: Damn! I knew I forgot something!

Firo: How much of a dumbass are you?

Matt: Don't call me a dumbass you dumbass!!

Official #1: Ahem!

They both stopped whispering and looked at the officials who looked like they were losing patience.

Firo: Haha, I was, uh, just letting him know what he's missed so far. Hahaha...

Matt: Yeah, I really can't wait to get into it...

Official #1: I see... Well, we'll let both of you get acclimated. Good day gentlemen.

The officials walked away leaving the two standing there.

Firo: *Sigh* Come on you. Let's do this.

Matt: Haiii!

The two looked around the Federation's main headquarters for the day. They soon both moved into dorms at the academy and became roomates. They took various classes and recieved military training together. However, in terms of physical ability, Matt was always slightly ahead of Firo. One late afternoon, Matt was walking by the training field and saw a lone Firo running the track. Matt began to jog alongside him.

Matt: Yo, what are you doing?

Firo: Nothing *pant pant pant*

Matt: Ah, I get it. But I'm not gonna let you get better than me!

Matt started to run as fast as Firo.

Firo: What are...

Matt: If I train just as hard as you, you won't be able to get stronger than me.

Firo: Oh yeah? Then I'll just train so hard you can't keep up.

Firo started to run faster than Matt. Matt then started to run even faster.

Matt: Oh please. I can train as hard as you and then some!

The two began to accelerate more and more and kept running laps until the sun went down. The next morning, they were in line to run an advanced obstacle course. Both Matt and Firo looked sleep deprived and weak. When it was time to run they both passed out. They spent the rest of the day cleaning every bathroom in the collosal academy.

1 month later

Matt and Firo's group was being given a tour of a research facility. They were told how a new revolutionary kind of energy was being developed to power the country and soon the rest of the world easily.

Firo: Whoa, wasn't that amazing?

Matt: Hmm? Yeah... fascinating.

Firo: This will be huge one day.

Matt: It'll change the world and effect every aspect of our lives, blah blah blah. Yeah I heard the lady when she said it. Now is there a bathroom in this place or not?

All of the sudden the generator started to make strange noises. It then started to smoke and give off strong discharge. An alarm started to go off and a deep red light engulfed the facility. A metal wall with a few small windows came down from the cieling and sealed up the generator chamber. The Matt and Firo's unit took all of the members and evacuated them. Everyone outside of the chamber had ran out of the facility. However, Firo stopped and stayed when he say researchers were still trapped in the chamber.

Firo: Hey, somebody get them out! Hey!!

Unit Leader: Hey, you get out of here!

Firo: Those people in there. They need help!

Unit Leader: We can't risk opening that chamber! There is a massive radiation leak!

Firo: That thing looks like it's going to go critical! If those people stay in there, there going to be killed!

Unit Leader: That's not your concern, now get going! Thats an order!!!

Firo: I'm sorry but ... I can't...

The Unit Leader looked angry for a second but then took another look at the generator and ran off to the rest of the unit. Matt was in the evacuated group which was making it's way outside. He was looking for Firo but didn't see him anywhere.

Matt: Hey! Where's Firo?!

Unit Leader: That idiot wanted to stay behind. No shut up and keep moving!

Matt: He WHAT?!?!

Matt stopped dead in his tracks, turned around, and sprinted back towards the generator room.


Matt made his way back to the research room to find Firo messing with the computers in the room. He grabbed Firo by the shoulder hard.

Matt: What the HELL are you doing? This place could blow up any second!

Firo: That's exactly why I can't leave these people in here.

Matt: Listen, we gotta get out of here NOW!

Firo: I'm not going to leave these people so if your not going to help, go back to the others.

Matt looked into Firo's eyes and saw nothing but determination starring back at him.

Matt: Well I'm not leaving you here, so what can I do?

Firo: I think theres a manual override somewhere on one of these panels. Try and find it.

They both frantically worked the computers, trying to get the chamber open. After about a minute, Firo finally got the wall to come up

and the researchers ran out of the building.

Matt: We did it! Now let's go!

Firo: Not yet. We have to shut them back now to keep the blast and radiation in.

Matt: What?! Come OOOON!!!

Firo: I have to do this or it'll take out the entire campus, hell maybe even the whole city!

Matt: Damn it, then we should have just left those guys if opening that thing would have gotten even more people killed!

Firo: No! We can't sacrifice people to save others, it's not right!

Firo hurredly used the computers trying to get the doors back down. The generator was getting more and more violent my the second. The building started to shake. There were charges of electricity flying in every direction and narrowly missing the two. Matt picked up a piece of debris and held it up like a shield while standing in front of Firo.

Matt: Do it quick!

Firo: I will!

The building was shaking more and more and the lightning was coming faster.

Firo: I GOT IT! Let's go!

The chamber wall started to come down again and the two started to run toward the exit. However, the wall was almost all the way down when the generator finally exploded violently. A wave of energy came up the hallway they were running down. As it approached, Matt jumped in front of Firo at the last second taking the brunt of it. They both flew back a great distance and the building came down on top of them. From the outside, a great light could be seen from within for a second. All the windows blew out right before the facility building collapsed. Firo and Matt were under the rubble. Firo woke up and rolled over. His right eye was damaged and he could barely see out of his left one.

Firo: Matt... MATT!!! Where are you?!

He looked around frantically for a moment and saw a hand a short distance away. He pulled it toward him. What he saw a moment later made him drop it and let out a scream. All of the skin and most of the flesh from Matt's head and upper right torso was gone. His legs were crushed and there was blood all over him. Firo had a look of sheer terror on his face. He suddenly heard sounds from above him. A rescue team had cleared through the wreckage and made a path out of the building. Two rescuers put Firo's arms over their shoulders and escorted him out. They also brought a body bag, put Matt in it, zipped it up, and carried it away. As Firo saw this, he began to scream with tears streaming down his face until he wore himself out and passed out again. They loaded him into an ambulance and took him away.

Episode 6:


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@UltimateHero0406: Damn man this chapter was deep. Is this a prequel perhaps? The Matt and Firo relationship reminds me of Zack and Cloud kinda. Gonna be a 3 week wait again?
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@SpeedForceSpider: Yeah, I just wanted to give a bit of backstory. But don't worry, I'll get through it quickly. And I'll try to get the next one out before then.

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@UltimateHero0406: Wow this was amazing! it went from happy to fun and very deep like Speedy said above.

I really like the determination of Firo..it reminds me of the Elrics haha. This story also reminded me of FMAB Mustang's OVA which was really epic!

I really wanna know what happens next!

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@DBZ_universe: Thanks bro. And I know. I was aiming for something of that effect. I'll try to get the next one out more quickly than usual so I can get back to the main story for you guys.

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Once again it was fantastic. Love the visualization going on there. Makes the story much more enjoyable. Your one hell of a writer man! Cant wait for the next chapter.

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@UltimateHero0406: Ah for sure! take your time! as long as it's epic like always!

I wonder with what awesome plot you will deliver next haha,

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@ChromeDisaster: @DBZ_universe: Lol thanks guys. Stay tuned :)

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