Ultimate Hero Episode 4: Reunion

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Episode 3:


The hero and his mysterious opponent were silently floating in the void. However, they needed not speak. They knew each other well enough to understand all the feelings and lost words brought up by their reunion without so much as a look. Matt finally decided to break the silence.

Ultiman: So, you planning on taking me out in that little crap wagon?

Firo: To be honest, not at all. This will just be a test of your strength and skills. I’m really quite eager to see where you stand after all this time. But I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colors.

Inside the jet, a psychotic smile broke out over Firo’s face as he said this. Matt disappeared and reappeared on top of the ship, squatting over the tinted windows.

Ultiman: Good. You were always a smart guy. It’d be a real shame if the best you could come up with was throwing your toys at me.

Firo: Then let’s begin.

The jet took off with a small boom along with Matt. The two were flying through space, side by side.

Firo: Now let’s see how you handle this.

The wings of the plane lit up a violet color. It then rolled over toward Matt leaving streaks of light behind. Matt dodged and threw a kick back. Firo dodged as well. He then fell behind slightly and then quickly sped up trying to slice Matt from behind. He looped over around to the back and came down on Firo with a chop. It almost hit the back of the jet as Firo quickly flew ahead to avoid the brunt of the attack. The two were now flying through an asteroid field. The tip of Firo’s glowing wing nicked a large rock several times the size of the ship and the whole thing split cleanly in two.

Ultiman: Ooo, pointy.

Firo: This is a little boring so far, wouldn’t you say? How about we pick up the pace a little?

Ultiman: Sure. I wanna see what this things got too before I break it.

There was a large flash and both of them were gone. They were in hyperspace with neon lights flying by. The jet wings were no longer glowing but the main gun was charging up. A flurry energy bullets flew out. Matt dodged and lobed an energy wave back. It missed as well. All of the ship’s weapons were activated simultaneously and were pointed at Matt. He pointed his hands back at Firo. They both had large grins on their faces.

Ultiman: Let’s do this!

Firo: Take this!

A barrage of energy bullets, beams, and charges flew out. Matt was dodging them, dancing and twisting around through the onslaught. Simultaneously, he was firing energy beams back and Firo too was dodging. All across the galaxy, explosions and beams could be seen flying from invisible combatants. Some of them were caving in moons or impaling planets. Matt finally hit the ship flashing out of hyperspace, it slowed to a stop. Matt stopped as well.

Ultiman: (Damn! I was having too much fun there. I hadn’t noticed we were causing so much damage. All those planets were dead but I should still preserve them. I have to get this fight under control.)

Firo: As I predicted, you have this vessel thoroughly outclassed. Well done.

Ultiman: Or are you just a bad pilot? *Hehehe*

Firo: Hehe, possibly. Looks like it’s about time to…

The screen display within the jet alerted Firo to something. He looked perplexed for a second and then he laughed.

Firo: However, there is still one weapon I’ve yet to use against you.

The small boosters on the bottom of the ship fired up. They were repositioning it so that Matt was directly between it and a nearby planet. Purlpe energy built up around the ship’s body. Firo picked up a great deal of speed and the energy started to flow around the ship until it looked like a shooting star.

Firo: Now here’s the deal hero. Recently, a large mining crew had been deployed to this particular solar system. I hate to involve outsiders in this affair but just this once, I’ll make an exception. You will either stop my next attack, or I’ll plow into this planet, and every other one in this area. In other words dodging is not an option.

Ultiman: Didn’t plan on it.

Firo: Now feel this, DOOM STAR!!!

The ship picked up an incredible amount of speed and was pushing away space debris for miles with it’s wake. Matt didn’t move. He waited for the jet to get closer and closer until the energized ship was within arm’s reach and pulled back his hand.

Ultiman: Now you feel this, ULTIMATE PIMP SLAP!!!

He slapped the front of the ship and the whole nose came off. The energy dissipated in an instant and the disabled jet spiraled out of control until it fell within the gravitational pull of the red and rocky world behind Matt.

Ultiman: Well, at least it looked cool as hell for a moment there *hehe*

He sped off after the ship. Bathed in the fire of reentry, the jet crashed through a mountain, hit a barren wasteland, and left a large crater behind, burning with molten heat. Shortly after, Matt gently landed nearby and peeked down into the hole.

Ultiman: Jeez, that didn’t look fun… But at least now we can stop playing around and get down to it, and I can stop this madness.

Suddenly, a feeling of dread hit Matt. He didn’t know why, but he felt almost afraid of something. The tinted windshield of the jet cracked and broke, as if an invisible foot had kicked it out.

Firo stood up and as he did, countless tubes and wires could be seen running from the ship directly into his body. They all detached and fell off leaving wide holes with a large amount of blood spilling out. They healed up in seconds. He had on a red and yellow suit vaguely similar to the one Matt had but lacking a cape and mask. His eyes were complately white with irises barely visible. He had dark scars scattered across his face and neck with veins visible as well. He put on an insane smile and glared back at Matt withn wild eyes. Matt’s body wouldn’t move. His muscles were frozen in place by this sight. The most he could do was utter a single sentence.

Ultiman: … what the hell are you…

Episode 5:


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@UltimateHero0406: Fucking awesome!!!!!! And that artwork looks totally bad ass man! Damn! Now I have another series to look forward to. Hell of a good job!!!

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@UltimateHero0406: LMAO brilliant, Ultimate Pimp Slap is genius. Why a short ep this time bro?
Post by DBZ_universe (15,990 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@UltimateHero0406: Too EPIC! parts of the Galaxy were being destroyed! Holy shit! that is epic.

Ultimate PIMP slap! LOL.

SO is Matt and Neon ever gonna meet? You remember Neon right?

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@UltimateHero0406: Very nice you should try RPGing with us some time:)

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@ChromeDisaster: Lol, thanks man

@SpeedForceSpider: Well, I couldn't really think of much more to do with this particular ep since I'm saving a few things for later and I also didn't want to make this fight as drawn out as the other ones since the two aren't as serious as they are going to be in their real fight. And lol I thought the slap up while I was writing.

@DBZ_universe: Thanks lol, and yeah I remember. A crossover would be really fun to write. But I think I would have to do at least a short story on Neon first. Great idea!

@Sonata: Thanks and I planned on doing that at some point lol

And would you guys mind if I did a flashback ep to shed some light on the characters?

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@UltimateHero0406: Awesome hope to see you soon over there:)

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@UltimateHero0406: All right my idea worked!

Yeah a short for Neon would be epic! tho by the feats you gave about Neon he could win the fight....but hey, you the creator lol

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@DBZ_universe: Well whichever way it goes, it would be one hell of a fight to write lol

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@UltimateHero0406: Or them fighting some cosmic being! Holy shit to epic!

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@DBZ_universe: Hells yes. A fight like that would indeed be legendary

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@UltimateHero0406: And only you can make this epicness happen!

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