Ultimate Hero Episode 2: Confrontation

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Episode 1:


Matt and the asteroid buster crew were speeding through hyperspace, giving chase to the living planetoid that was making it way toward the Earth. Neon streaks of light were flying past all around them at incredible speeds, stretching out into the infinite darkness. The asteroid could be seen in the distance.

Palmer: I've gone over the plan with you all. You know your jobs. And our objective is of the utmost importance. We cannot fail. Is everybody ready?!

All: Yes!!!

Lekhram: Wait, what?

Palmer: Begin! Matt, your up first!

Matt: Right!

Matt began to pick up speed and caught up with the asteroid quickly.

Matt: Hey! Don't you know theres a speed limit round these parts? Nothing over the speed of light!

Matt flew a distance ahead of the asteroid and stopped. He readied himself as it approached. Just as the massive object got within striking distance, he punched it dead center. The asteroid lost almost all of the speed it had picked up immediately. The lights began to swirl around them at even greater speed until there was a bright flash. After that, the rest of space could be seen. There was another flash and the ship appeared close by. A crack larger than the Grand Canyon could be seen across the surface of the asteroid.

Palmer: Good work Matt. Alright team, now it's your turn.


The crew got to work. On the outside the, the ship began to move it parts and reposition until it almost looked like a different ship.

Heiwajima: Combat formation complete.

Palmer: Good! Take it down! It doesn't get any further than this, understood?

Lekhram: Let's do this thing! Activating energy bonds.

Countless golden energy cords flew out of the ship and quickly entangled the asteroid, stopping it dead in it's tracks. Shockwaves began emanating from it once again.

Matt: She's gettin angry!

Lekhram: Well if it didn't like that, this is really gonna piss it off! Molecular Drill, GOOO!!!

The cadet hit a button and pushed a throttle all the way forward. A massive amount of energy began spiraling at the center of the ship's hull until it formed a large blue energy drill. It kept spinning faster and extending until it made contact with the asteroid's surface. Large sparks and super heated chunks of rock began to fly all over.

Palmer: Matt, don't just sit there. It's not done yet.

Matt: I know! And quit calling me Matt. It's Ultiman!

Ultiman flew to the other side of the asteroid in an instant. He then stopped and began his assualt. He threw a flurry of puches and kicks that were hardly visible. Each one was causing massive quakes all across the asteroid. Mountains were crumbling, valleys were collapsing, and the canyon he left before was widening. The asteroid's shockwaves began to intensify. The golden cords broke and the ship and Matt were pushed back slightly.

Ultiman: Alright, lets try this!

Ultiman held both his arms out to the side. His whole suit began to glow. He then quickly brought both arms forward and crossed them, sending two light crescents spinning from them.

(Click it)
(Click it)

The lights began to enlarge and spin faster until they touched the surface of the asteroid where they exploded violently and left a large continent sized crater.

Anderson: Whoah, this guy is something else. He did more in that last attack than any of our weapons could.

Ultiman: Damn it. That last attack packed enough power to take out something twice it's size. How is it still in one piece? Ah, well. Let's give this another go then.

The hero began to charge up energy again when the asteroid began to create shockwaves again. Then all of the space debris in the area began to gravitate toward it, filling in all of the damage the team had done.

Lekhram: Aw maaaan.

Harding: This isn't good. We are seriously coming to our last leg here. It's taken everything we have and we've hardly made a scratch. Even this other guy couldn't bring it down. I don't know how much more we can do here.

Heiwajima: Perhaps we can call for back up and then hold it here long enough for reinforcements to arrive. A unit of 10 or 15 of these ships should be able to do the job for sure.

Palmer: I...

As the captain started to speak, Matt began to laugh loudly and everyone was silent.

Ultiman: Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Lekhram: Hmm? The hells his problem?

Ultiman: AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wow, for rough and tumble military types, you guys sure do quit easy.

Crew: ???

Anderson: Umm, in case you didn't notice, that thing just shrugged off everything we as well as you have thrown at it.

Ultiman: Umm, in case you didn't notice, I haven't even started to fight with this thing yet. Watch and learn folks!

Ultiman reached up to his chest and twisted one of the seals on his suit. A great burst of light started to surge from his body. Space debris in the area started to crumble into dust. The ship started to shake.

Ultiman: You guys might want to put your shields up, this is about to turn into one hell of a party!

An energy barrier formed around the ship. Matt then started to casually do warm up stretches.

Heiwajima: What is this guy doing? Is he really going to go at that thing again?

Palmer: Like he said, watch and learn...

As the captain said this, a small grin broke out over his face. When Matt finished stretching, he crossed his arms and simply began to watch the asteroid, as if anticipating it's moevments. A hush fell over the crew. Then in an instant, Ultiman dissapeared into thin air. In the same moment, he reappeared in front of the planetoid and gave it a good kick. A large crack had formed all across the surface as the object spun like a top through space and veered off course. The crew was in awe over what they had just barely seen. As the great rock finally stopped spinning, it unleashed shockwaves stronger than ever before. The surface was cracking and moving on it's own and began to form what vaguely looked like a face.

Ultiman: It finally decided to show it's ugly mug huh? Guess I should go closer and say hello.

He sped a bit closer and then stopped. He clapped his hands together and started to draw them apart, revealing a light from in between. He pulled them apart all the way and claymore sword with a glowing blue blade was revealed.

Ultiman: Transfer System: Proton Blade

He grabbed the sword and started slashing at incredible speed. Energy slashes flew from the blade and started to hit the asteroid blowing off country sized chucks with each hit. The mouth opened and a meteor shower of rocks flew out. Ultiman stopped slashing and began dodging each and every one. They also bounced off of the shield the ship had erected but it was cracking. There was a rock the size of a state headed toward the ship. At the last second, he teleported the ship out of the path of the rock. There was another one headed his way. But Ultiman caught this one and threw it back. The asteroid shot out a beam of energy, disintegrating the meteor. But Matt sprung out from behind the blast. He lifted the sword above his head. Started to glow and extend for miles. But as he approached for a swing, the asteroid in its entirety vanished into thin air with a small flash.

Harding: What the... where did it go?

Anderson: You're telling me this thing can enter hyperspace that quickly?

Ultiman: No, it's not in hyperspace.

All: ?

Ultiman: I believe with all the time it spent fighting us, it's really been biding it's time and building energy.

Heiwajima: To teleport?

Ultiman: Yep. You know what that means, right?

The crew was silent for a second. Then Captain Palmer stood up.

Palmer: It means that that thing is no longer on it's way to Earth. It has already arrived.

Episode 3:


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@UltimateHero0406: Very nice! I love how Ultiman is just using a portion of his powers. Also good job on the sword! That thing teleported to Earth! Damn what's gonna happen now! What is Ultiman's plan to defeat it?

Also country sized slashes is insane! This guy is too epic!

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@DBZ_universe: Thanks so much! And sorry I took so long with this. The next one won't take that long.

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@UltimateHero0406: Oh no problem. Also you can take your time writing it cause if you do it too quick you might forget to add more idea to it. I like how nice and detailed this was. I can wait for as long as I can. You just make more awesome fan fics!

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@DBZ_universe: I sure will :)

And did you ever do yours?

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@UltimateHero0406: As of right now no. It's cause I am very sick and I get lots of headaches as well so I guess i don't wanna push my self.

I cannot even run lol...I might pass out but as a man I must endure it!

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I hope you feel better soon dude. And yeah, lame germs and crap can't keep a man down!

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@UltimateHero0406: lol Thanks bro! I also don't know how I will explain the fight lol...

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Np and however it is, I'm sure you'll make it really excellent.

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....So let me get this straight.....

He's the Country Busting swordsman everyone thinks Sephiroth is.

He is on Superman level strength, if not higher.

Faster than Goku, punches harder than Goku, can teleport better than Goku and Energy attacks equal to, if not stronger than Goku's.

Can summon a freaking photon blade?!?!?!? That alone is freaking hax!!!!

Can teleport entire ships

And he hasn't even used his true powers? Can I have permission to put him in a battle lol?

Very, very entertaining!!! Im loving the character setup here man. Im starting to wonder if he's human or what. You should try to get some original character art going. If you want, I can edit something up for you. Just say the word bro.

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@ChromeDisaster: That about sums it up, yeah lol!

And I don't know if thats allowed here. You should check the rules first.

But I could use some character art though. We'll talk in pm.

And again, thanks for the support. I really appreciate it.

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