Ultimate Hero Episode 16: Save Us...

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The universe was slowly pulled apart by the rip Credo created. Piece by piece, the darkness expanded and consumed consumed everything in it's path. Earth patiently awaited it's demise as all people from every walk of life lamented the death of their hero. Some cities were consumed in riots and suicide while others were simply silent with prayer.

Man: There's gotta be something, anything, we can do!

Woman: The military, federation, all of them... useless!

The team sat in various places, simply contemplating. Suddenly, Lekhram stood up and looked off into the distance with his back to everyone else.

Lekhram: Well … it was a good try at least! I got no regrets. Not a one.

Everyone looked at him.

Harding: Rajeev...

Lekhram: I'm serious! I really don't feel sore at all! Hehehe!

Palmer walked over to Lekhram and put his hand on his shoulder. Lekhram turned to face him. He was wearing a large, forced smile. However, it was accompanied by a a heavy stream of tears trickling down his face.

Palmer: You're not wrong... It's like I said, you all fought excellently. There's nothing else to be said on it, and nothing to be ashamed of either.

At those words, Lekhram's smile finally broke. His head dropped and he cried in sorrow as he endeavored to wipe his tears with his sleeves.

Lekhram: DAMMIT!

Harding: Captain, how can y...

Harding stopped speaking when she noticed the Captain balling his fist up so tightly that it was bleeding. She looked to Anderson. He held a small video game in his hand though the screen was completely blank. His eyes carried a deep sadness which she had never seen in him before. She then looked to Heiwajima. He appeared to be broken beyond recognition. He simply stared at the ground as if his soul itself was gone. Harding looked away for a moment. But she then stood up. She walked over to Anderson and reached out her hand. He simply stared at it for a moment. However, he took it and stood up. The two of them walked over to Heiwajima. His attention didn't shift in the slightest. However, Harding and Anderson each grabbed one of his arms and pulled him to his feet. He finally looked up at his teammates. Together, three of them walked over to Palmer and Lekhram. Without a word, they all interlocked arms and turned their faces to the sky. They were showered in light as celestial bodies collided and stars collapsed. Darkness neared the solar system rapidly. The sun was caught up the rip's pull and became unstable. It violently exploded, obliterating everything around it. At that moment, all five soldiers shouted out with all their heart.


There was simply a flash before everything was eaten by the abyss.

Matt: It's dark... very dark... I'm falling... I think... I can't see anything... so dark...

Matt attempted to move his body. But his brain signals failed to conduct his body. He wasn't even certain if his body was still there. He continued falling for what felt like hours. His sense of time began to fall apart as he descended further and further. Space didn't seem to be present either. Nothing existed at all in the void. Suddenly, a small circle of light appeared in the distance. It was tiny but distinct. It slowly began to overtake the the void until it replaced the darkness completely. Now in a void made of light Matt finally opened his eyes. He squinted from the brightness, looking around. He could now see his body, but nothing else. The injuries he had received from the fight had vanished without a trace, but his armor was still gone.

Matt: So... this is the end of the line huh? Emptier than I though it would be...

Matt tried squirming and moving around but couldn't push off of anything. The most he could manage was to flip himself upside down, although it felt no different from the position he was in before.

Matt: I still can't move.

?: Looks that way.

Matt: Maybe I have to wait for something.

?: I doubt that.

Matt: I think I can see something over there.

?: I highly doubt that.

Matt: Would you shut the hell up?! I'm trying to be dead over here!

Firo: Make me, dumbass!

Matt and Firo stared at each other for a moment. Then they laughed together a little for the first time in a long time. Firo was still wearing his combat armor. However, all the damage inflicted on it was gone. His body was devoid of the scars and deformations he had underwent and his pupils were visible again.

Matt: I really messed up, huh?

Firo: I wouldn't necessarily say so.

Matt: And after all everyone did. So what was the point to it all? All the stuff that we did?

Firo: Well, everything has some kind of meaning.

Matt: Not in this case. Everything's gone...

Firo: ...even if a hero doesn't win, the fact that he gave it everything he had is the only thing that matters. And nothing can erase that. Not ever.

Matt:... Hehehe, dude you sound so lame right now!

Firo: Piss off!

Matt: But you're right. As long as the battle's fought to the end, I...

Firo: But maybe...

Matt: Huh?

Firo: What if the battle's not over yet?

Matt: I – I don't know what else to do...

Matt looked doubtful for a second. However, he soon found his conviction once again.

Matt: But... I'll try again. One more time. As long as I do something, anything that I can, that's enough, right?

Firo: Well said.

Matt: You taught me that, you know?

Firo: Wow, I guess I did...

Matt: You taught me a lot of things, man. Even at the end. Seriously, thank you.

Firo: Tch, just kick his ass, Matt!

Matt: You know it, Firo!

Matt and Firo fistbumped. They were now both in regular clothing as if they had never left the academy. They were then kids again, just like the day that they met. The two friends gave each other a huge smile before the light void became blinding, whiting out everything.

Matt opened his eyes again. He was in the dark void once again. He could now feel his body, but it felt as though it were encased in cement. Matt was unable to move at all.

Matt: As long as I try, that's all that matters. OK! Here I go!

Matt closed his eyes, trying to focus. At first, nothing happened. However, his energy began to seep out once again.

Matt: No, that's not right...

Matt focused even harder. Nothing changed. He focused harder still until finally, his energy transformed into violet fire, like Firo's Dimension Armor. It then blazed strongly and became blue like Matt's energy.

Matt: Yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Matt was now able to move his body as the void became less like cement and more like water.

Matt: Firo, It worked! Your little trick came in handy! I make the rules now.

Matt willed invisible ground to stand on. He then spread his feet apart and began lifting his arms. A kind of film formed around his hands as if the void had become a physical thing. The harder he pushed, the deeper his hands sank into the void. It was extremely heavy, but Matt continued relentlessly until he had fully extended his arms.

Matt: Alright! Here … I … GOOO!

Matt leapt and took off upwards, still carrying the void. The armor began to burn more and more brightly as Matt ascended, continually picking up speed along the way.


Credo sat in a space of pure gray and black. There was no sound or movement besides his own. He closed his fist. When he opened it back up, a single speck of light appeared and floated upward. It then slowly started to grow and sprout small arms until it formed a miniature galaxy, swirling in the palm of Credo's hand.

As he was admiring it, the black and gray space cracked. The fabric of it broke open piece by piece. Credo crushed the galaxy in anger.

Credo: What is this? What is happening?

When the crack fully split, black with splashes of color came rushing through like a kind of liquid. Planets, stars, gas clouds, and everything else was haphazardly flung through space as it took it's place in reality once again. Matt finally emerged from the void, blazing brightly and illuminating the area like a blue star.

Credo: You … survived... how?

Matt: Credo, you've caused caused unimaginable destruction. And you took an innumerable lives. I failed to stop you before... But...

Credo: But what? It as you said everything and everyone that mattered in this existence is no more. This is on top of the fact that nothing has changed. You still have nowhere near the power to pose a challenge to me. You might as well die for good as my new world comes into being.

Matt: But... I have the chance to keep fighting. To make everything right. So no matter what my chances appear to be … I'LL TAKE THEM!

Credo: I see... You still stand, even though you have nothing to gain from it. You truly are the last son of humanity. A race of fools who know not their place. Power is everything. And those who lack it are nothing. Hero called Ultiman, I will impart this lesson to you one final time. It will become your truth as I reduce your pitiful being into atoms, then reduce those atoms to quarks, and then scrub each and every one out space and time itself!

Credo pointed his hand at Matt. It began to glow with golden light as he charged up an attack. However, Matt merely smirked. Suddenly, a patch of black fire sprung up from thin air. Credo's eyes widened. Another arose right next to it, followed by another. Countless patches of fire began springing up all over space. The planets were engulfed and the stars were dyed black with it.

Matt: From that look on your face, I can tell that Firo never told you about this move. Probably because on some level, he knew you'd pull some crap like this.

Credo: Its everywhere... when...

Matt: Just before I pulled that darkness dumpster inside out, I covered as much of the crunched up space as I could in wisps and let them spread. The universe did the rest. Now, it's time for the best part!

As Matt said this, the flames blazed bright blue, encasing everything in azure light. Nothing could be seen for a moment. Then, the blue light began to retract. It all was being pulled into Matt's body at untold speed.


As the energy built up in Matt's body, it began to change. His skin ignited as the energy encased him from head to toe. The Hyperion overflowed and cascaded outward. His face was covered in a visor once again, though his glowing eyes were now visible through them. Finally, his scarf was remade as as twin streams of red energy extending from a bundle of it around his neck that blazed like fire.

Credo: There's no way you could have absorbed all that energy. You are only a human!

Matt: You're right. I am a human. And I am the foolish last son of humanity. But I'm also Firo's friend, and the guy who got screwed with having to set all this right. But I'm going to! Because … I'm...

The energy finally completely flowed into Matt. Ribbons of light now encircled the universe on it's borders, containing it.


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Finally got to read it. Damn this was good and sad. I liked the reunion. Ultiman's upgrade is awesome!

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@DBZ_universe: Thanks for the read bro, so glad you liked it! The final showdown is about to begin lol!

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@UltimateHero0406: for sure. Ha Firo was a smart ass keeping his secrets. Good thing Credo did not know that power. Final eh? Sounds intense.

Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,055 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@DBZ_universe: Yep, he was always the type who plays to win. And even during his dark time, he ended up helping Ultiman. The power of friendship strikes again lol

Ive already started the next chapter.

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@UltimateHero0406: Man...tje power of friendship is unstoppable lol.

Nice! I cant wait for that. So after Ultiman what's next?

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@DBZ_universe: Probably take a break for a while. I have one other story that I've been wanting to post. But that's gonna be a while off I think. I want to do Captain Palmers story before Im done tho.

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@UltimateHero0406: Captain Palmer spin off wpuld ve cool. Also Palmer to me looks like this guy...idk why lol

Clive O'Brian from Resident Evil
Clive O'Brian from Resident Evil
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@DBZ_universe: Lol, I like it. I need designs for the others too. Do you wanna do the honors for the rest? This one time, I found an image of 5 characters and its was just how I imagined them. I can't find it again tho... I also gave everyone else a chapter and a theme song, so its only right that I do 1 for Palmer.

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@UltimateHero0406: Ah yes that would be an honor. I also pictured Lekhram looking like Woolfwood from an early point.

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@DBZ_universe: Nice, Pm me some pics if you want!

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@UltimateHero0406: oh snap I forgot. Sorry. I was busy.

Ill work on it today.

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@UltimateHero0406: Ill give the images thru Facebaku ok!

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