Ultimate Hero Episode 15: Annihilation

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Matt and Credo glared at each other as they floated in orbit. Down below, the team was back on the ground escorting civilians to safety and combating the last of the drones. The fighting momentarily calmed down as the team brought some civilians to an underground shelter.

Harding: That guy ... I thought...

Palmer: Luckily for us, the base circuitry of his suit remained in tact. All that needed be done was replace the shell. However, I decided to use the most recent developments in Hyperion technology to push it's potential to the maximum.

Lekhram: Umm, question. Why the hell did you wait until the guy was almost dead before doing that?

Palmer: Because that's the only way he'd allow me to. I had told him about this opportunity in the past. However, he turned me down completely. He didn't want anymore power.

Anderson: But in this situation, he decided to make an exception and take the thing.

Heiwajima: Because it was all he had left... and all we had left.

Palmer: Exactly. If there exists anything that can end this, it's the Nexus Energy Overdrive suit.

Matt's suit and energy flared up repeatedly similar to the revving of an engine causing small bursts of energy to puff out of every opening in the armor.

Ultiman N.E.O.: Feels good!

Credo: You intend to fight me?

Ultiman: That depends. Are you gonna give up and answer everything that you did?

Credo: There is nothing to give up. I've already reached my goal.

Ultiman: Then a fight it is.

Credo: I warn you, you wouldn't fare much better than the humans you are protecting. However, I suppose the microscopic increment of power that you possess over one is worth using in this case.

Ultiman: And that's another thing. I want answers about... this.

Matt lifted his hand, allowing the energy to waft out.

Ultiman: I'm gonna make you spill everything about this stuff and just what you did to Firo!

Credo: Hmm? I'll answer those questions for you right now if you like.

Ultiman: !!!

Credo: This is Hyperion energy. Simply put, it is a power so potent, that it can undo the laws of the universe that were set in place at the beginning of time, including time itself. A single unit of the energy can negate the gravity of something like a planet. That is how you utilize flight. Ignoring the laws of velocity increases your speed. And I am certain that you have dammed the flow of time more than once. You are incredibly strong young hero. The amount of energy you carry is high. However, mine is infinitely higher. No matter how you struggle, you will never reach me.

Matt looked down at his hands in contemplation. He then slowly looked back up.

Ultiman: ...what about Firo...

Credo: Nothing more than a prototype. The same can be said for you. Both of you were test subjects. Your purposes were to help me perfect the process that I underwent. Now that that end has been met, your usefulness has ceased.

Ultiman: I thought that's what that Haos monster was for. I know that you created it.

Credo: Ah, yes. The world eater. An early project to determine the energy's compatibility with life. Would you believe me if I told you that a common parasite injected with Hyperion would fly into space, absorbing anything it comes into contact with? It was once thought to be a failure but after observing how it interacted with you, my judgment changed.

Ultiman: Where the hell did you find this stuff?

Credo: After obtaining the technology to rip a small hole in the dimensional fabric, this energy came spewing out. Harvesting it the first time was no easy matter and many people died. Speaking of, those people, that you friend Firo rescued from the generator on that day... I immediately had all of them captured and quarantined. They all died shortly after from exposure. I apologize but, his actions that day amounted to nothing.

Matt went silent. He clenched his fist and his energy flared up violently.

Ultiman: You … monster... you... demon... I will make you pay for all the suffering you caused!!!

Credo: I'm not interested in dealing with you.

Ultiman: You never had a choice!

Credo: Tell me hero... what if... the Earth was under attack? By a creature like none had seen before? What would you do then?

Suddenly, down below a great light sprouted from the Earth.

The ground started to shake and crack more violently. The ground split. Great canyons ripped across the planet destroying everything in their path. From inside one of the fault lines, a titanic claw reached up and lay on the surface. It was followed by another one and then several long tendrils. Finally, a reptilian creature's head made it's way up and towered above what was left of the world.

People from all over panicked in terror as the monster let out a vicious roar. The team ran back up to the surface to find an enormous figure in the distance craning over the clouds. Matt looked down on the madness in shock.

Credo: Do you see hero? Your people need you. You should go...

At that moment, the communicator in the suit came on.

Palmer: Don't you go anywhere!

Ultiman: Troy!

Palmer: We'll handle things down here. Just focus on Credo!

Ultiman: But...

Palmer: We've got this. But we still need you to handle the biggest threat. The world needs it's hero. So get to work!!!

The communicator cut off. Matt was speechless at first. Then , he looked back to Credo.

Ultiman: Well, you heard the man. We're doin' this!

Credo: That's fine. I've actually become curious of the depth of your determination as a “hero”. Show it to me.

Ultiman: You got it!!!

Ultiman flew at Credo. The hero shot out a flurry of powerful energy blasts. Around Credo, a faint energy barrier erected itself. When the blasts hit, they ricocheted off bursting in a shimmer of light. Ultiman pointed both of his palms at Credo and fired a large beam of energy. Credo vanished from where he was and reappeared several yards to the right. The beam scanned across the void, leaving a trail of explosions in its wake. After the lights died down, Matt spotted Credo again who didn't appear to be paying attention to his opponent. Ultiman paused and then charged Credo at full speed. He threw a powerful punch, only to have it blocked by the shield. Ultiman threw another punch followed by another until he was throwing a barrage of them, all of which also failed. Suddenly, the elbow pads of the suit lifted up to reveal thrusters embedded in them. When Matt reeled his fist back, the jet fired a burst of Hyperion backward, propelling the punch forward with greater force. With this, the punches came substantially faster until all that could be seen was countless bursts of blue light where Matt's arms used to be. However, all the attacks still could not pierce the shield. Finally, Credo looked back to Ultiman as the onslaught continued. The energy shield disappeared and one of the punches made it to Credo at last. But to the hero's dismay, Credo had only decided to catch the punch with his index finger. Ultiman looked astonished for a second only to follow with rising anger. The thruster on the armor fired again, this time getting massively larger until the after burn outsized them both exponentially.

Ultiman: HYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Credo's hand still refused to budge even the slightest bit until finally the blast died out. Both of them were still for a moment. Then, an invisible force began to violently batter Ultiman from all sides and knock him away. After flying back a few miles, Matt regained his composure, and took off back towards Credo. He charged up energy in his legs as he flew. He shot his leg forward and aimed his body at Credo causing the energy to streak off like a comet.

Ultiman: Twin Comet Kick!!!

At the last second, Credo vanished again causing Ultiman to miss. He reappeared a second later only to see Ultiman change legs and throw a viscous roundhouse kick at him in the same moment. However, Credo casually blocked the kick with one hand. The attack caused a shock wave to ripple through the void. Credo then took the same hand and finger flicked Matt in the forehead. The force of it sent Matt flying to the far distance. When Ultiman reached Mars he crashed into the surface, causing the planet to break into pieces and fall apart.

On Earth, the monster's gargantuan tendrils lashed around obliterating anything they hit be it cities or mountains. What was left of the Federation's worldwide forces made apathetic attempt to combat the beast with what few weapons and vehicles they had left. The bombs, missiles, and laser cannons fired at it had no effect as they harmlessly hit the scales.

Lekhram: Damn! That thing is friggin tough as hell!

Anderson: Our forces are dropping by the second. It's attacks are too much! And it hasn't even moved it's body yet!

Harding: Captain, you have to let us use the...

At that moment, Heiwajima's communicator picked up a call.

Agent 1: Sir, (pant) we can't hold out much longer here! It's just too big!

Heiwajima: Calm down! Give me a sit rep!

Agent 2: Komori, we need to get going! Now!

Komori: Ryuga! You made it back!

Heiwajima: Both of you, take everyone and get as far away from that thing as possible!

As they spoke, the creature finally began to turn it's scaly body toward the location of Heiwajima's subordinates as if it had heard precisely what was being said. It picked up it's gigantic claw, preparing to take a swipe.

Komori: Oh God! It's moving! I... I think it's looking this way!

Heiwajima: I said get out of there!!!

Ryuga: It's attacking!!! Komori, GET DOWN!!!

The monster reached out, swinging it's enormous claw at the ground. Upon impact, a massive amount of land was shredded apart. Tons of soil, rock, and everything else in the wake of the impact shot around for hundreds miles across the ground as well as into the atmosphere.

On the communicator, all that could be heard were the sounds of destruction and a woman's screams followed by static.


Heiwajima still held his communicator to his ear with a blank look on his face. The rest of his team sadly looked at the ground. His arm went limp and his hand dropped down. Finally, his eyes opened wide with burning rage and he crushed the communicator in his fist.

Heiwajima: Ore wa... aitsu o... korose... (That man... I'll kill him...)

Everyone looked at him with astonishment.

Heiwajima: Captain... I'm going to use my forbidden weapon.

Palmer: … Permission granted.

Heiwajima: Troy, with all due respect... I wasn't asking permission.

Lekhram: I guess that mean we can all let loose.

Harding: With the citizens underground, why not?

Anderson: Never though I'd see the day where we need these things.

Palmer: If there ever was a time, it is now. So fight!!!


Heiwajima touched 3 panels on his belt. A great light erupted from it and when it died down, Heiwajima was replaced with a large white mech who's height rivaled many of the city's buildings.

The creature recovered from it previous attack, debris still falling from it's claw. It then turned its attention to the team. Suddenly, 3 tendrils came rocketing across the distance headed for New Haven City. The team spotted the impending attack on the horizon. Without notice, Heiwajima took off running toward them on foot holding his sword behind him. The blade began to glow a bright white. The tendrils approached quickly, creating sonic booms as they traveled. Just before they reached the edge of the city, Heiwajima swung his weapon. The in an instant, the blade extended for miles on end. It reached out far past the city and intercepted the tendrils. On contact, the blade sheared through all 3 of the creature's appendages causing massive amounts of blood to spew out and form small lakes in moments. As the blade moved, it also carved through a large chunk of the city's buildings and structures. The monster roared in pain as it severed tendrils fell to the ground just outside of the city, still squirming. The enraged beast prepared it's claw to make another swipe. Heiwajima was about to swing again when Lekhram's face appeared on the mech's inside monitor. Heiwajima looked at him and saw the crazed look in Lekhram's eyes and his insane grin.

Lekhram: Stop hoggin all the damn fun!

Lekhram touched his belt panels and the light shone out once more.


When it cleared, a large turret containing 2 high powered railguns had planted itself in the ground.

Lekhram grabbed the controls and the guns began to charge up. The creature began to bring its claw down once again. Lekhram pointed the weapon at the creature and pulled the trigger. Then, each of the rail guns began firing one after the other in rapid succession.

In a moment, the sky was filled with countless electrified rail gun shots. They cleared the distance in a second and began to pelt the monster all over it's body, exploding on impact. The creature flinched and ceased it's attack as it was continually bombarded.


The monster soon became furious. It opened it's mouth and began charging a mass of energy.


Anderson touched his belt panels and when the light died down he held a small holo projector in his hands. It opened up and projected a world map.

Anderson: I won't let you!

The map zoomed in and pinpointed the location of the creature, targeting it. Up in orbit, a single jumbo satellite directed itself at the creature.

Holo projector: Accessing... all lockouts bypassed... all systems ready for use... weapon configuration active... energizing...

The satellite opened up and a massive plasma cannon extended from it. The monster was on the verge of attacking when Anderson gave the command.

Anderson: FIRE!

Suddenly, a massive beam of golden light fell from the sky, landing a direct hit on it's target.

The monster fell over from the impact while releasing it's attack causing it to miss. The blast flew over the city and off into the sky, exploding in a great flash. Gusts of wind ripped through the region while the sound reached even further.

Harding: We're not done yet!

Harding touched her belt panels and a small headset with an eye screen appeared on her face.


She touched a button on the side and the screen zoomed in on the stumbling monster locking on to it. At that moment, back at the base the floor of the hangar opened up to reveal an underground launch track. It had on it a small, sleek jet with no cockpit. The track lit up and the thrusters on the jet fired. The jet started to move slowly. However, within a second the thrusters fired again and the jet rocketed from the hangar with such speed that it destroyed the building itself. After reaching cruising altitude, the jet tucked back it's wings and with even greater speed, took off toward the monster.

The jet began picking up speed until it wasn't visible to the human eye anymore. However, the monster still spotted it on it's route. The monster's remaining tendrils launched themselves at the jet attempting to knock it out of the air. However, even at it's hypersonic speeds, the jet still skillfully maneuvered itself out of the way. The monster's eyes lit up and it fired laser beams from them. Even with that, the jet made it's way to the target unhindered. The jet finally made it's way over the monster's head. For just an instant, it slowed down once again. A panel on the underside opened up and a bomb slid out. The bomb dropped down directly on the monster and detonated as the plane regained it's previous speed and retreated. The explosion consumed the monster as well as the entire region it resided in.

The force blew away anything it contacted and left complete ruin behind. Nothing could be seen through the titanic smoke cloud that loomed over the area. All was silent for a moment. Then the ground started to shake once again. Light could be seen from the inside of the cloud. A roar erupted causing some of the smoke to clear. The beast was badly injured. It was missing a portion of it outer hide and part of it's head was blasted off along with an arm. Blood was pouring out of every wound and the beast was having trouble breathing. However, with a lunge it pulled itself out of the ground and came barreling at the team's location. It pulled itself along with it's claws while it's long snake body slithered out of the Earth behind it and the ground quaked as it thundered along. Lekhram fired up his Hail Gun once more and sprayed the creature with a barrage of shots.

But this time, the creature simply charged through them, blind with rage. Heiwajima stepped up again and activated his sword. The blade shot out and swung at the creature from the side. The blade lodged itself in the creature's side, slowing it down. However, it quickly shook off the attack and continued it's advance.

Heiwajima: Damn!

Lekhram: Ha!!! That all you got ninja boy?

Heiwajima scowled at Lekhram for a second and then turned back to the fight. He retracted his blade and then quickly activated it again. This time, the sword shot directly at the monster stabbing deep into it's flesh. This time it came to a complete halt while trying to push through. Heiwajima was struggling to hold it in place. Lekhram stopped firing for a moment and reconfigured his turret. The railguns came together and formed a single barrel. The electrified energy charged up inside and then shot as one humongous blast.

The shot struck the monster square in it's head causing it to snap back. As this happened Heiwajima grabbed the weapon throttle and pushed it to it's highest level causing the blade to extend more. He finally forced it through the monster's torso, slicing it as well as a mountain far behind it clean in half.

The creature fell to pieces. The weapons that Lekhram and Heiwajima were using looked burned out and vanished momentarily. The two were breathing heavily. The team gathered together once more and without looking at each other, Lekhram and Heiwajima fist bumped. Everyone was calming down when the monster started to move again. The half with the arm attempted to get up once more while it's lower body made an attempt to reeatatch itself to the torso.

Harding: What the hell! That thing is goddamn tenacious!

Palmer: All of you stand back. I'll finish! Excellent job to you all!

Palmer touched his belt panels and out of the light came 2 cybernetic gauntlets over his hands.


Palmer pointed his palms at the sky in the creature's direction. Suddenly, the red sky began to twist until it pulled open revealing pitch darkness. The rift opened wider until it became a black hole.

Everything under it began to get pulled up into it. The body slowly lifted off the ground and up into the void. The creature roared and struggled but to no avail. It ascended upwards where it vanished without a trace. Then, the hole started to shrink down until it completely vanished. Their fight was over. Palmer looked back to the sky.

Palmer: We're not in the clear just yet.

Out of the wreckage of Mars, Matt emerged unharmed. He vanished in a flash of light and reappeared closer to Earth.

Credo: Welcome back.

Ultiman: Stop playing with me!

Ultiman pulled his Proton Blade off his back with one hand. Without warning, he vanished and reappeared behind Credo slashing him with the blade. He teleported again and reappeared on the side, attacking once more. Matt continually vanished and reappeared countless more times until it appeared that several heros were fighting Credo at once. Matt finally decided to stop jumping and bombard Credo with sword strikes on his chest. He then jumped back and came in for one final slash. The blade overflowed with energy as Matt flew towards his enemy. He struck Credo as hard as he straight across the chest. However, upon impact the blade feebly snapped and harmlessly floated away. Credo still didn't move a muscle. Matt looked at his blade and the back to Credo.

Ultiman: What the hell!!!

Credo: You requested that I, “stop playing with you”. So I simply ceased to pretend that I needed to dodge you assaults.

Matt was left speechless.

Credo: Now then... I suppose I should I should strike you back, yes?

Ultiman: All this time... you...

Out of nowhere, an invisible force hit Matt all over his body once again without Credo moving at all. Credo then vanished and reappeared on Matt's left. He punched Matt square in the jaw causing the helmet to crack. Matt went flying off, only to be caught by Credo again and punched several more times at high speed. Then, Credo grabbed Matt by his leg and savagely threw him at the Earth. Matt became bathed in the fire of reentry as he fell to the surface, headed straight for the team.

They all looked up above in shock. But before he could hit the ground, Credo appeared under him and kicked him back out into space, then proceeding to take off after him. Matt flew until he hit the asteroid belt crashing through countless rocks.

Credo caught up to him and punched him again. Matt continued to fly until he reached Saturn, leaving a trail in it's ring of ice and stone.

Credo met him there as well kicked him further still. Matt passed the edge of the solar system momentarily, where Credo finally allowed him to rest. Matt managed to slowly pull himself back together. His breathing was heavy and he looked as if his right arm was failing him. Credo simply stared at him.

Credo: Have you realized you place yet, hero?

Matt didn't say a word. Instead, he charged Credo once again. With his remaining arm, Matt punched Credo's face several times. However, Credo's cheek didn't move at all. At last, Credo slapped Matt's hand out of the way kicked him in his chest once more. The hero drifted a short distance and came to a stop. Credo then outstretched his arms with his palms facing outwards. Inside of his palms, small balls of gas gathered and ignited into tiny fire balls. They then began to expand, destroying everything and anything they touched. The two fire balls continued to grow until they reached the size of stars.

Matt and Credo floated between two infinite walls of fire. Their gravitational pulls reeled in asteroids and nearby planets, reducing them all to nothing. Matt was astonished at the sight. Credo then brought the two suns crashing together on Matt. The two fused for a moment into a super-sized star. It then violently exploded into a supernova which obliterated all matter in it's reach. The explosion was visible for light years and lit up the solar system more brightly than old sun.

After a few moments, Credo waved his hand and cleared away the gas clouds enshrouding the area.

Matt's body floated limply nearby. Most of his armor had been destroyed leaving a single glove, part of his under-suit, and the shredded remains of his scarf hanging from his neck. Matt opened one of his eyes. He couldn't manage to move the rest of his body.

Credo: And so here we are, at the end of your abilities. You faired precisely as I thought you would. Barely better than an average human.

Matt managed to build up some energy in his hand and attempted to lift it up at Credo. However, before he could react Credo had plunged his hand into Matt's chest and firmly grabbed him by the spine. Matt's eyes widened as he looked into Credo's face. From inside Matt's body, Credo repeatedly discharged bursts of energy. Each one illuminated the void and sent a shock wave out. After several blasts, Matt's eyes rolled back in his head and blood spewed from his mouth and ears. Credo finally stopped, still holding Matt in hand. Back on Earth, everyone looked to the sky in silence. People had decided to come out from hiding and carefully looked around. Suddenly in the sky, the clouds all disappeared. Credo cast an image of himself on the sky for all to see.

Credo: Humans... this is your hero...

Credo held up Matt's lifeless body to the world. His head hung back and his mouth was still open. His body was bruised and burned and his armor was unrecognizable. Everyone gasped in terror. Some cried and others simply fell to the ground. The team dropped their heads in despair. Palmer closed his eyes and looked away.

Anderson: Damn... we lost...

Credo: Lost?

Everyone jumped as Credo appeared in their midst while still up on the projection.

Credo: Saying that you lost would imply that there was a challenge to begin with. Tell me, do you declare victory and rejoice every time you step on an insect?

Lekhram: Bastard!!!

Heiwajima: That's enough!

Heiwajima attempted to punch Credo. But before he could land the hit, the clone vanished completely.

Credo: Now sink into oblivion...

Credo extended a single finger. He poked and it sunk into a liquid like substance. He quickly ripped it open, tearing a hole in the universe. The rip expanded and acted as a black hole and began sucking in everything in existence.

The Earth and the rest of the solar system were being pulled in. Credo looked at Matt one more time before he finally let go. Matt's body fell headfirst into the void and completely disappeared. At last, Credo simply stood back and watched as everything fell into nothing.

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@UltimateHero0406: So far amazing. I have been reading by parts due to my busy schedule sorry.

Almost finished.

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@DBZ_universe: Awesome! I hope you like the rest!

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And just as spring had finally graced us. Get better soon bro!

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@UltimateHero0406: I decided to re-read thebwhole story.

Damn Credo is Multiversal Hax lol

Poor Matt, he got destroyed.

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@DBZ_universe: Thanks for reading!

Lol, he's a real piece of work. And yeah, Matt got rolled pretty bad.

I'm just glad I got to give the team their day in the sun finally

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@UltimateHero0406: Lol Credo would be ban from the battle forum because of DC and monstrous hax.

Good job on making the team badass. Black hole! Holy shit crazy lol.

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@DBZ_universe: I don't know whether I should be sad or proud about that lol!

And thanks! Those are the weapons that their not allowed to use normally since they would kill people by accident. But in that situation, an exception was made lol

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@UltimateHero0406: Both lol

Lol they are indeed dangerous as fuck. Palmer sees he can't beat Toriko, banishes him with a black hole....Toriko fans will be angry lol

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@DBZ_universe: Lol, Palmer will say, "Ahahahaha, you mad or nah?"

And I just recently got #1 poster for the fan fic forum. So we are both bosses now lol

Do you still RP?

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I'm writing the community spotlight, so the Fan Fic writers and their threads will get more traffic. I have included your Fan Fic thread. I hope you check the news article that might be up today or on Monday. Sorry for missing this last week.

Great job, UltimateHero!

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Hell yeah! *Ultimate Brofist*

I have not yet haha, all the characters I try to create are to OP for the RP forum. I am thinking of a pkmn trainer though.

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@takashichea: Thanks so much! And I appreciate the shoutout!

We'll both do our best for the forum. Keep up the awesome work!

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Was it a Yoshimori/Aizen fusion jk I'll get to rp one day. I need to come up with a usable character

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